Pokémon Smash! — September 1, FINISHED

Pokémon Smash!

Hopefully you’re all enjoying our new layout, please remember we’re still in the process of ironing out kinks and should be fully functional over the next few days. We’re aware of comment issues! As always, Pokémon Smash will be airing in Japan soon. Much like last week this episode isn’t set to showcase much, and as such we will not be providing live coverage, you can however expect a write-up tomorrow (Sunday).

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Please note: if you can hear a constant popping/clicking noise, please open the Chat spoiler and click the small speaker in the bottom left.

Episode Write-Up

  • Smash crew started the show with the usual anime airing
  • Next up was some… crazy portrait fun
  • Leading on to a anime inspired section, with Ash, Cilan and Iris
  • Eventually the show moved on to an XY section, again back at WCS talking about Xerneas and other Pokémon
  • Next, it’s on to the usual XY section, with a focus on Skiddo, Dedenne and Bunelby
  • More fun at the WCS, and the show is over!

Live Stream

This week will not be providing our own live stream. We will instead provide an external stream, but please be warned that we are unable to moderate any content that is publicly posted there. To hide public comments on the stream click the button with the 开 character on it. We also are not able to solve any issues with the stream. Mobile users may also struggle to watch the stream

Please click HERE to view the stream.

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