New Pokémon X & Y Trailer Released


The Japanese Pokémon X & Y minisite has updated with a new long-form trailer for the games. Unfortunately, there’s no new information, but at least we can enjoy the visuals 🙂

<3 PJ

ps- REMEMBER: We’re still awaiting Masuda’s special message for fans which may include new details! Keep checking back!

  1. sorry to double post but at the end it has a date of August 10 2013 for some reason

    1. thats not august. they post the dates as in year, day, month. It’s october 8th.

      1. ok but the kanji for month is next to the 8 and the kanji for day is next to the 10

        1. It’s August 10th. It’s the tenth day of the eighth month.
          The game’s release date will still be October 12th.

      2. It said so it was august…when it says “hachi gatsu tooka” in japanese…its saying august 10..idk y they probably made a mistake

  2. I LOVE how the character you play as is animated (you can see him stretching as they show the PSS)

  3. OMG! The battle misic O.Osounds really cool! Love it….it sounds differemt now compared to the pkmn ds games

  4. Battle music!!
    I like the guitars, but the actual remix itself may take a little getting used to.

  5. I can’t read Japanese the last frame showed 2013/8/10 what does that mean?

      1. The Japanese Pre-Order’s haven’t started yet? Damn. I reserved my copy of Pokemon X back in May! XD

  6. Hey, did any of you notice that the Sylveon in the clip was male? This refutes any rumors that Sylveon is a gender-based Eeveelution.

    1. Yeah, this was shown in Smash a few weeks back. Not sure if I mentioned it on the site or just to other staff…

    1. Actually they did show a sky battle in night time.
      And that Fennekin-Zoroark battle seems to have far more different lighting than the others, which looks like it is dawn.

    2. We already know it exists. It was Night time in a sky battle. Look for the screenshot on Serbeii.

  7. Thanks so much to the guys that keep us up to date on fresh news and some occasional rumors 😉

  8. Did you see what I see the blue 3ds with the legendary on it wooooooow I will take it when it’s out no matter what !!!

  9. Anyone else think that Yveltal used Aeroblast? I certain got that vibe when i heard it.

    1. At the beginning? No, it’s using Hyper Beam, because that sound effect it makes is the same sound effect Hyper Beam makes in Pokemon Red and Blue.

  10. I read elsewhere that given the battle formula, it’s impossible for a 2x Super Effective move w/ STAB to do exactly 100 HP of damage. Gardevoir’s Fairy Wind attack did exactly 100 HP of damage to Hydreigon going from 152 to 52. Wouldn’t that mean Fairy is Super Effective against Dark as well? And can anyone confirm if that’s correct regarding the battle formula?

    1. It’s rumored that Fairy will be Super Effective on Dark, and hopefully so since it could then take out cheated Dark/Ghost Pokemon with Wonder Guard. :

      1. Hope the rumor is wrong. Because according to that rumor (which has had a lot of stuff confirmed already), Chespin is Grass/Dark. That’d give Chespin yet another weakness :O

        1. Chespin might become the starter with the most weaknesses if the rumor is true. 7 weaknesses, 1 immunity, and 6 resistance. Chepsin might become a Grass/Fighting or Grass/Steel.

          If Fennekin does become a Fire/Psychic then she would have 5 weaknesses and 6 resistance. Fennekin might become a Fire/Dark or Fire/Ghost.

          If Froakie becomes a Water/Flying then he would have 2 weaknesses, 1 immunity and 5 resistance.
          If Froakie becomes a Water/Dragon then he would have 2 weaknesses and 3 resistance.

          I don’t pick my starters based on weaknesses or moves I pick them based on the typing that they have or design.

          1. The good thing is that if Chespin is Grass/Dark, it will have a lot of resistances PLUS that immunity to Psychic 🙂 It’ll have a lot of weaknesses too, but you take the good with the bad I guess.

            I don’t see a starter ever getting a Dragon secondary type to be honest.

            And I don’t pick my starters on weaknesses or moves either lol. I go by first impression, so I guess basically I go by design ^_^

          2. Me too, I pick them by design as I have stated above. I think that since Froakie is based off a frog there are many inspirations that could have driven Game Freak. For example, the Frog legends in Japan where frogs who actually control the weather turn into dragons which could result in a Water/Dragon typing. Another inspiration could come from the stories where Frogs are able to jump to the sky or basically flying frogs which could result in a Water/Flying typing. Finally, my most favorite, the Toad Sages. Toads who hold an unbelievable amount of wisdom, power, and in the Naruto world, master ninjas which could result in a Water/Ground typing (please no) or a beautiful Water/Fighting ninja Toad. 😀

          3. Very interesting potential inspirations! My favorite of those are the Toad Sages idea too! Water/Fighting seems to fit perfectly given those powerful legs. Also “Froakie may appear absentminded, but in truth it pays close attention to its surroundings at all times” (Description from As a fighter, gotta be aware of everything.

            If it holds true, I’d nickname Froakie “Jiraiya” 😉

          4. LOL, That’s cool and I love that nickname. I watch too many Naruto and Fariytail these days just to remember the characters LOL.

    2. 252 SpA Gardevoir Focus Blast vs. 252 HP / 252 SpD Hydreigon: 112-134 (56.28 – 67.33%)

      That’s max SpA EV Gardevoir with a neutral nature and max SpDef and HP EVs Hydreigon also with a neutral nature, both holding charcoal (i.e. an item that won’t affect damage of Focus Blast). Both at level 50.

      It is very possible for a 2x SE attack (with STAB remember, Focus blast is without STAB so treat it as a 90 base power Fairy attack) to do 100 HP damage.

      1. That Hydreigon I don’t think has any EVs in HP because it’s at Lv. 50 and has 152 HP. Is it possible for a 2x Super Effective move w/ STAB and no EVs on either Pokemon to do exactly 100 HP of damage?

        1. If it didn’t have HP EVs, it wouldn’t change the damage, only the %.

          0 SpA Gardevoir Focus Blast vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Hydreigon: 228-270 (70.15 – 83.07%) — guaranteed 2HKO

          Once again both with neutral natures. Imagine Focus Blast being a 90 Base Power Fairy attack, it would do the same damage range. (Assuming Dark ISN’T weak to Fairy).

          Assuming Fairy Wind to be a weaker attack (since Flabebe gets it early in the game) it could be around 40-60 BP which should do ~100HP damage to a Hydreigon coming off of a Gardevoir.

          1. Hmm, can you go over this post perhaps? (I’m not smart enough for this stuff lol) This is what I read earlier saying that Fairy will be Super Effective against Dark because of the battle formula:

            “It has been observed that Fairy Wind dealt 100 damage in the Japanese trailer:
            Attachment 9539
            According to Smogon[1], the damage calculation formula is
            Damage Formula = (((((((Level × 2 ÷ 5) + 2) × BasePower × [Sp]Atk ÷ 50) ÷ [Sp]Def) × Mod1) + 2) ×
            CH × Mod2 × RN ÷ 100) × STAB × Type1 × Type2 × Mod3)
            where the random number modifier is before the type effectiveness modifier.

            Before every modifier the number is rounded down, so here we would see :
            [Initial damage x RN] x STAB x type = damage
            where “initial damage” is a whole number before the RN multiplier. “initial damage x RN” is also a whole number.
            For a 2-times super effective move to do around 100 damage, we estimate the “initial damage x RN” to be 32-34
            33×1.5(rounded down)x2=98
            That is, it is always impossible for a STAB, 2-time super effective to do 100 damage.

            But when fairy is 4 times super effective against Hydreigon i.e. fairy is super effective against dark
            17×1.5(rounded down)x4=100
            which are exactly the damages dealt in the English and Japanese trialers, respectively.

            So it is expected that Fairy will be super effective against dark.”

          2. O.
            So. Much. Math!

            This is why I hate the metagame and wish the Pokémon games were just about using your favorite Pokémon in battle and NOT about using what’s known to win/has better stats.

            I truly hope Pokémon X & Pokémon Y change all that math to fun, because…

          3. LOL! It really is way too much math, I don’t understand it. I only saw that and tried to make sense of it. All I’m going off of is after all that math they say Fairy is Super Effective against Dark.

          4. Math formulas in video game is just plain evil.
            Please make it go away, Game Freak.


          5. Well although Sylveon is not a Flying-type (which I hoped for) it could be possible that I could learn moves of that type? Based on my observation of an earlier trailer, where it was battling a Hariyama, it looked like it could use the move Brave Bird. We know that Flying-types can take Fighting-types out with ease. However, don’t ya think that means that Sylveon can use it to overturn a type disadvantage? It could mean that Fighting-type moves, such as Karate Chop and Close Combat, could do a Fairy-type fast.

  11. after sylveon battles pikachu it shows a trade between a pikachu and eevee…does sylveon possibly evolve by trade?

  12. Anyone else noticed the Gym Sign at the eiffel tower structure?? 0:34

  13. I like it when Pikachu uses Thunderbolt/Thundershock in the air.

  14. There’s another 3DS design with Xerneas on the front and Yveltal on the back in a gold-y colour, I like that one cause it looks more…intricate and feels more ancient Japanese style

  15. Im still waiting on the 2nd eevee form be it Dragon or Poison it will be awesome remember eevee has always been released in pairs

    1. Aeroblast is the signature move of Lugia. HyperBeam in 1st and 2nd generation sounds the same as Aeroblast in Gen 2 and seems more plausible.

  16. I don’t know if I’m pulling at straws but the three starter pokemon are facing pokes that are supereffective against their (hopeful) future secondary types. Fennekin (psychic) faces Zoroark (dark), Froakie (dark) faces vivillon (bug), and chespin (fighting) faces noivern (flying). I know most people want chespin to be dark and froakie to be fighting but i prefer it the other way around.

  17. I think that fairy-types would take double damage from fire-type and fighting-type moves as well as steel-type and poison-type moves.

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