Dream World Shutting Down January 14th & Tournament

The Pokémon company decided that keeping up the Dream World servers is too much of a cost, or they just really want you to buy X&Y. Either way, starting from October 12th, the X&Y release date, new user accounts can’t be created anymore. On January 14th, the following services stop working:

  • You can’t play the mini-games to get the hidden ability Pokémon anymore. Putting new Pokémon to sleep will be blocked earlier, starting December 10th. You can still , wake your Pokémon up in your games, even when the service is down.
  • You can’t change your C-gear and Pokédex skin anymore. Bit of a bummer because they promoted this feature heavily and now they just pull the plug on this one.
  • No more WiFi Memory Link for BW2
  • The leader boards of your Ranked Rating battles will cease to exists. You can still participate in Free Rating Random matchups though. Online battling and trading is unaffected.
  • GTS will still work as usual, e.g. you still need that Reshiram level 9 and under to trade that Bidoof.

In related news, they are holding a new International Wi-fi Tournament called the 2013 Global Showdown. Registrations open July 19th and close July 25th. Battles take place July 26th till July 29th. Rules are single battle and 3 out of 6, with all Pokémon allowed. This is to be the last tournament for BW2, coinciding with the shutting down of the stuff above.

Anyone angry that they closed the Dream World stuff so soon? I know barely anybody played it anymore and that they want to promote the new games, but blocking stuff a year after they released it doesn’t bear well for future stuff. It’s not like the servers required to keep it going cost a lot. The fact that you can’t change your C-Gear skin anymore bothers me, why have I been saving them up in the first place? Anyway, you can discuss this all in the comments below, so get commenting.

  1. Lol “you still need that Reshiram level 9 and under to trade that Bidoof”

    This sucks, I’ve been searching for so long now in the dream world for a Sableye with its hidden ability. It never, ever appears, and yes I have enough Dream Points for it to appear. I need to get this Pokemon before they shut down the service. At least I got the hidden ability Dratini 😀

        1. yes dude!! i have two sablayer, i can send you and you can see if it is a hack or not im not a hacker, my sablayer si 100% legal

          1. yes do you want a sablayer shiny or normal with the ability? ahahah dont worry dude if you want you can send me a liliput

          2. Just a normal Sableye with the Prankster ability 🙂

            My Black 2 friend code is:

            Brandon 1979-7992-6552

          3. dude waiit my sblayer is not on my pokemon black 2 i need transfer onpokemon black 2

  2. To be honest i could kind of see this coming, but i do agree that the C-Gear situation is a bit annoying. I just hope that because of this, the pokemon you catch in X & Y will auto have the dream world ability so you don’t have to do some silly mini-game or something special to get them, it is just a (up to) 1 in 3 chance of getting the ability and becomes apart of the normal game! This would mean it would no longer be classed as a hidden or dreamworld ability, just a normal one, and those who play Gen VI for their first pokemon game wouldn’t know any different.

    1. i like your idea about pokemon having the dream world ability in wild but i to think it should be harder to get than a 1 in 3 chance
      make it like shinnies but with much better odds like 1 in 100 chance

    2. I disagree completely. Why would pokemon in the wild have a Dream World Ability? Thats too easy, and more pokemon will be banned from online play or put in the OU section. Although the minigames sucked, it was a challenging was for players to capture those special pokemon. And ps. You can catch in-game pokemon with the hidden ability in places called Hidden Grotto’s


  3. Goodbye Dreamworld, you’ll be missed (till the release of X&Y, then nobody will care about you 🙁 sad truth)

  4. well, i’ve read in other websites that they are closing the Global Link for Generation V games because they are making a new Global Link for X&Y, so (apart from “inviting” you to buy the games) they want to close the old Global Link so they can focus on the new one, and it will be available in the release date of X&Y. at least, i hope in the new Global Link there will be more interesting stuff (sometimes i felt a bit ridiculous while playing Dream World games to get new pokemon)

    1. It’s only natural that there will be a new Global Link for XY, but that doesn’t mean they have to stop supporting old stuff.

  5. I just hope they implement something similar with Pokemon X & Y. It was nice being able to obtain Pokemon not available in the game without trading and some of those hidden abilities were fantastic. And of course the customizable c-gear stuff was really cool. I’d like to see all of that again in the next generation.

    1. I’m going to assume you’re asking about if we’re going to stream the mewtwo anime special. That would be a no.

  6. If someone need whatever pokemon that you want please come to me and i’ll like to help ypu to get your pokemon

  7. That’s a bummer! The reason why the Dream World is so annoying is because of the minigames. But I would rather that they keep a very simplified version of the Dream World instead of getting rid of it.
    Pokemon Emerald still sells well today, because Pokemon games are so good. BW and BW2 are OK, but they will just suck without the Dream World. With no customization possible, the concept of dreaming remaining in the games and the severe injury that it causes to the Join Avenue in BW2, the games will feel even more incomplete for the future generations who will play Gen V as a “retro game”. Not mentioning that interesting berries will not be available in the games anymore, making it impossible for future generations to play strategically. I wish they just shut down the trading and the “exploring an other island” parts of the DW, but that they kept the house and the abilities to dream and to harvest berries.
    I am sick when I think about all the plushes and accessories I have been collected in my DW house, which I’ll never be able to see again 🙁

    1. I think the only reason emerald still gets manufactured sometimes is because of high demand for tutor moves more than people who want to enjoy the game.

      1. That reinforces my point… There are exclusive move tutors in BW2 too, so people would still want to play it in a couple of years, like people still play Emerald for the move tutors. Except this time their game will be incomplete and the strategy will be impossible without EV berries. 🙁

        1. I guess. I don’t really understand why a noobie would want to go back a gen when they have one right in front of them.

  8. I don’t really care about Dream World
    but i’m excited for the competition i really like competing with Legendaries
    but i’m really sad that i don’t have my favorite Legendary Pokemon Meloetta i really like it and i wasn’t able to get it the past event 🙁

  9. Hopefully they’ll replace Dream World with something better, and not just a ‘Dream World XY’

  10. Yeah I’m kinda sad because the main thing for me was the customisation but I couldn’t be bothered to go on it like every day and find new pokemon etc, it’s better to aim at the younger players of Pokemon

  11. I’m so sad about this. It’s the end of an era. And I poured so many FREAKING HOURS into upping my dream points to access the new areas and get a mansion. And I never even got the bloody mansion. Grrrr.

    So getting hidden ability pokemon and berries is going to be fun from now on, then 🙁

    And not to sound dumb but this is happening in January 2014, yes?

    1. Yes, of course, January 2014. When I say a month without explicitly mentioning a date, you can be sure it is the next instance of that month. Which is in 2014. If it where 2015 I’d have said so.

      1. Well, like I said it was a dumb question, but I’m the overcautious type who likes to get info double checked 😛

  12. Yes that bothers me! I want to change my C-Gears from time to time. Now I have the hardest decision to make: Which one will I keep as my permanent C-Gear! #Sadface

    1. It’s not like you’ll be playing it for long.

      My C-Gear is the Halloween Pikachu

  13. I’m going to miss the DW even though i only just got a few pokemon & pokedolls (mostly the free ones) but I am also excited to see the new Global link for X&Y well i’ll b going to the dream world more often this summer 🙂

  14. even though i dont use either of those things, this still sounds like bull to happen at all D:

  15. i don’t think this effects Americans because we literally had NO event pokemon in relation to Japan. Goodbye Pokemon segregation, and hello international release of XY


      1. One can assume. It was never officially stated, but I would guess so… Then again probably not.

  16. Just a general question, why do you think they’ve not told us the legendary types for so long? Could it be building up to something? I’m really confused :-/

    1. Cliffhanger I guess? I’m also guessing that maybe Xerneas or Yveltal is fairy, and they want to reveal fairy’s weaknesses and the like along with the reveal of the two Pokemon’s types.

  17. I’m just gutted that the Johto starters weren’t released with their DW abilities yet. Come on Nintendo wtf you guys waiting for?

    1. I’m thinking because most of the pokemon who haven’t had their dream ability released are..uh…nasty(like Shadow Tag Chandelure, Lightningrod Zapdos, and Volt Absorb Raikou), they’re just going to act like they didn’t exist and make them have a different ability next gen. I’m also guessing some rare pokemon just didn’t have an opportunity, because of how delicate you have to handle them; you can’t just stuff those in the PDW. The way they distributed some of these pokemon were absolutely terrible though. Gothorita and Speed Boost Blaziken are pretty much DLC in Japan, with Blaziken being a 1/3 chance to get. Blaziken never got distributed outside Japan; Gothorita was free on the PGL for non-japanese games. It’s a mess. I would rather them not release Pokemon like Chandelure and Zapdos, or the Johto starters, if all it does is makes things unfair.

    1. Nice! The text floating around looks Japanese, but I can’t make it out at all.Did some research on my own and found a larger picture but the resolution is worse compared to this, so don’t think I can firmly call it fake yet. Thanks for the comment!

      1. You’re welcome! And if i recall correctly BW starters final evos leaked on images that were in a similar style.

        1. Was it? I remember the trio being in some weird white frame. But yeah, definitely reminded me of it.

          1. it looks like the same concept art they use to make the 3d models like how they showed with noviern

      1. I think it’s fake, can’t 100% make out the Japanese, but most of it is the same characters rearranged, and it doesn’t have any meaning.

  18. What about getting berries?! That’s stupid if you will be left without beeing able to get berries,, 🙁

  19. The worst part about this to me was the fact that Nintendo/Game Freak don’t seem to be offering any alternative, but they decided to outsource the necessary game function of berry planting to it in the first place. Not to mention there are some medals one can’t get in Black 2 and White 2 after they shut down Dream World original. And as you mentioned, the customizable features will also be lost. To me, that is unacceptable. I thought they cared more about the longevity of their games than that.

  20. I’m so sad this is going. I use it often enough that they should keep it up. I feel like I’m loosing a whole portion of the games I purchased only a few years ago. 🙁

  21. I’m so pissed! I just got a 3ds, with Black 2 and X, and I was really looking forward to playing with the dreamworld! I couldn’t figure out how to get on the dreamworld, though, and now I finally look it up, only to find out that I can’t?!! Why?! Why would you take something out of the game when the game references it left and right?! That’s just taking a game that already feels somewhat unfinished and breaking it even more! Not to mention infuriating for people who joined the game a year late! Seriously! What the actual hell, pokemon?!!! D’:<
    How am I supposed to get my Porygon-Z now?

    1. I feel you too :(. I just got Black version 2, 1-3 weeks ago, and found out that the Dream World is non accessible…..I wish I would of gotten Black 2 eariler, or that GameFreak make a remake of the Dream World for Sun and Moon, because from what I saw, it looks like a virtual website called Whirled, that I love alot, and I would of loved to use the Dream World….

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