Dream World Shutting Down January 14th & Tournament

The Pokémon company decided that keeping up the Dream World servers is too much of a cost, or they just really want you to buy X&Y. Either way, starting from October 12th, the X&Y release date, new user accounts can’t be created anymore. On January 14th, the following services stop working:

  • You can’t play the mini-games to get the hidden ability Pokémon anymore. Putting new Pokémon to sleep will be blocked earlier, starting December 10th. You can still , wake your Pokémon up in your games, even when the service is down.
  • You can’t change your C-gear and Pokédex skin anymore. Bit of a bummer because they promoted this feature heavily and now they just pull the plug on this one.
  • No more WiFi Memory Link for BW2
  • The leader boards of your Ranked Rating battles will cease to exists. You can still participate in Free Rating Random matchups though. Online battling and trading is unaffected.
  • GTS will still work as usual, e.g. you still need that Reshiram level 9 and under to trade that Bidoof.

In related news, they are holding a new International Wi-fi Tournament called the 2013 Global Showdown. Registrations open July 19th and close July 25th. Battles take place July 26th till July 29th. Rules are single battle and 3 out of 6, with all Pokémon allowed. This is to be the last tournament for BW2, coinciding with the shutting down of the stuff above.

Anyone angry that they closed the Dream World stuff so soon? I know barely anybody played it anymore and that they want to promote the new games, but blocking stuff a year after they released it doesn’t bear well for future stuff. It’s not like the servers required to keep it going cost a lot. The fact that you can’t change your C-Gear skin anymore bothers me, why have I been saving them up in the first place? Anyway, you can discuss this all in the comments below, so get commenting.