Pokémon X&Y Guide Confirms Super Training

The blurb of the official Pokémon X&Y Strategy has leaked out on the internet and it confirms some juicy stuff. Read for yourself:

• A complete walkthrough of all the Gym Badges and through the Hall of Fame!

• Detailed information on all the new game features, from Sky Battles and Horde Encounters to Super Training and Pokémon-Amie!

• A guide to where to find hidden items, TMs and HMs, and special Pokémon—with a location index!

• Hints on the best ways to use Roller Skates, ride Pokémon, and challenge Gym Leaders!

• A super effective Pokémon screen cleaner to keep your Nintendo 3DS system looking sharp!

• Helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of the PSS and online play!

• An updated type matchup chart that includes the all-new Fairy type!

• Pullout map to guide you through the Kalos region!

It confirms that HMs do return, as opposed to some rumours stating that they got left out. As does the Hall of Fame, so that means there will be a new League. There is also this new ‘Super Training’ mechanic, which is likely related to rumour saying you can modify your EV’s easily. In addition, it says that Screen Cleaner and Nintendo 3DS will be two new types, with the former being super effective against the latter*.

So, what could this super training be? Do you like that HM return? Discuss it all in the comments!

*This is a terrible joke from Dae, there will not be a further two types.


  1. “…and Nintendo 3DS will be two new types, with the former being super effective against the latter.”
    Please elaborate, are you saying there will be 2 new types or 2 versions of the 3DS XL?

    1. It’s an awful, awful joke. It’s saying that, if ‘Screen Cleaner’ and ‘3DS’ were pokemon types, ‘Screen Cleaner’ would be super effective against ‘3DS’, because the enclosed Screen Cleaner is really good at cleaning the 3DS Screen.

    2. Neither, like DarkYami said it was an awful joke. I’ve updated just to clarify that. 😛

      There are supposedly two versions of the X&Y Special 3DS XL console though. One in red and one in blue.

        1. Ahem, you have to be careful with these things. As proven above some people don’t grasp it as quick as others.

          1. I didn’t know it was a joke. I really couldn’t understand. I’m not being sarcastic.
            Why am I inclined to be misunderstood :/

          2. The whole world is against you. It’s Belmad VS The World. Some sort of terrible Scott Pilgrim rip-off.

          3. It looks like people don’t love me. Especially that one person who downvotes my every comment.

          4. As long as you don’t try to sing that annoying Daft Punk song to cheer him/her up -_-

        2. Well, the guide said it was super effective. So it must be a new type! Believe!

      1. Yeah, I knew that there were going to be two versions of the 3DS. Thanks for the clarification though. I just assumed I missed something. I tend to miss a few details when I read thorough stuff, excited.

        1. I haven’t heard about the Pokemon 3DS XL editions. Please inform me to where they were rumored, so I can stop being behind the times. =]

          1. It is a “rumor” posted by Serebii, who apparently heard the info from a person who previewed Movie 16. There is a supposed game trailer attached to the film that showcases Limited Edition 3DSXLs, one blue and one red, with Xerneas & Yveltal, on the top cover (similar to the Black or White DS with a print of Zekrom and Reshiram) See link for more examples: http://serebii.net/games/consoles.shtml

          2. It also revealed a Pokemon in the trailer called “Orotto”, a romanization of “Aulotte”. If you separate it to “Au” and “Lotte”, it translates from French to “The Monkfish”… Another water type?

          3. Just looked it up… If it is a Monkfish Pokemon, it would be very Stunfisk like but with teeth and big lips lol

      2. I want a red one with the awesomely and blatantly blind Yveltal… Which is funny because he can’t see 3D, poor thing. It’s awesome to think we could have a blind Pokemon though (other than an annoying bat who develops eyes eventually).

  2. Very interesting. Now to find out what they mean by Pokémon Screen Cleaner.

    1. it’s…a cloth? Maybe one that wipes the screens on your 3DS, as indicated in the description 😐

        1. If I’m not mistaken, the player’s family has a pet Rhyhorn in his front garden/yard and it isn’t a statue. It’s definitely Rhyhorn you can ride in certain places though – I just worry for the players butt sitting on it.

    1. I’m pretty sure some people wanted to see them gone. It’s better if they keep the field moves but not the HMs. it’s annoying to have a HM slave on your party, seeing as HMs are usually weak moves in battle.

  3. Nothing too revelatory. If that super training is what the rumours mentioned, the rumour has become even more solid.

    1. Is it? Seeing as they toned them down in BW, they better replaced them entirely with a better system.

      1. According to the person who has leaked everything so far and got everything right, there won’t be as many HM’s as previous generations. I’m guessing we’ll get about 4 of them: Fly, Surf, Dive and Strength? I don’t see the point of Cut being a HM anymore. Pushing boulders is great for puzzle elements and I’m hoping we get to run away from an incoming boulder at some point, which is why I included it in my hopes list. I added Dive because if the third legendary is a water Serpent, you could be underwater to get it.

  4. I just want HM’s to be exactly what they stand for. Hidden Machine. Let Pokemon learn them but not take up a slot in its moveset! Just let it be on the start screen when you click on the Pokemon in your party or when you face the obstacle and press A… pls gamefreak

  5. Im take this for my facebook page? I’ll credit you with love hearts

    1. Alternatively share this article on your Facebook page. That way you get comments and we get credit. Easy!

  6. Where’s the guide? I want to see the gyms and the other stuff! This is just “superficial” info. :/

  7. Just putting it out there: was on Amazon and not really leaked but congrats for beating serebii and pokebeach to posting this

    1. With it being put on Amazon containing info not yet released (although minor), it technically counts as a leak. Not all leaks have to come from ‘inside sources’, companies leak themselves all the time.

  8. I’m surprised I haven’t read anything on the new movie trailer and the rumored new pokemon or the pre-order bonus wherein the game box is a metal canister or the newly announced special edition pokemon.x and y 3dsxl (for Japan only is what the word is…… this is my favorite site I wake up to it and I check it before I go to bed and I’m saddened when I read these things elsewhere…. I love you pokej.!!!!!!!!

    1. Its because this isn’t a rumor site, most are wrong anyways. They only post rumors when they get the info from a well trusted informer

    2. We’re waiting for pictures of the console though to make a full post. We’ll put all those small things into a big wrap-up post, I’ll bug someone about it.

  9. Is there a link to this “walkthrough leak” I’d certainly like to see what the starters evolve into

    1. Only the blurb on the back of the walkthrough was leaked. Not the whole goddamn walkthrough.

      1. Well, that would’ve been nice. Wasn’t whole game “rom” leaked like a week ago or was that an obvious hoax as well?

        1. No, the game hasn’t been leaked yet. That was fake and the person who made it admitted that it was fake.

    2. As said, only the blurb was leaked, and I put it entirely into the article.

  10. …There’s more than one way to use roller skates?

    Silly me, and to think I’ve been wearing them on my ears this whole time.

  11. I’m hoping and praying that super training is also for IVs! At least if you’re organized and think ahead EVs are easy to control and maintain like I personally can EV train a pokemon in under two hours and i’m not even that good. But IVs are the bane of my poke-existence! It can take hours to breed just one or two perfect IVs and nothings guaranteed while cheaters just hack perfect eggs. If they really wanted to make this aspect of pokemon more fair they would let us modify IVs. Plus I have a whole argument of why IVs are stupid in the first place because the anime is always telling us that hardwork is the only thing we need to be strong trainers when thats clearly not the case!

    1. IVs aren’t so bad once you’ve got the ball rolling. Sure it’s hell at first, but once you’ve bred a few it’s easier to breed the next ones because you’ve got the initially IV bred ones to use as parents. And so on. It’s a trickle-down effect.

      I found it helped to IV breed a male and female for each egg group too; it makes the process much smoother 🙂

      And yeah, never listen to the anime for good advice. The anime’s answer to everything is ‘dodge it, Pikachu!’

      1. So are you always able to get 6 perfect IVs or do you settle for 2 or 3 cause that’s what I do. I never thought of having intermediary breeding pokemon, I just passed a long 1-2 30s with the power items. If it actually works perhaps I’ll start the new gen. Hopefully they at least make the breeding mechanics easier for people like me.

        1. Nope, I don’t have the patience for flawless IVs across the board. Flawless is overkill, even if you do competitive battle (I don’t very often, I just enjoy getting the best out of my pokemon). I usually aim for 2 31 IVs minimum, 3 as long as it’s within reason (eg. breeding genderless pokes I usually stop at 2 as I’ve only got a ditto to work with and it’s even harder) and a ‘relatively superior’ overall mark from The Judge.

          And yeah, you’re right…I hope if they don’t make breeding easier then they at least make IVs a little more identifiable in Gen VI!

    1. No need to rain on everybody’s parade. If Amazon posted this information, I’m sure we can trust that this information is 100% valid, just as we can trust that the game will cost us $39.99 at release. That kind of information(which is highly specific about the contents) would not be put in the product description if it were false. Also, it would help your point if you were to use “there” correctly. Nobody thinks using “there” instead of “their” is cool; if you were using “there” unintentionally, then this does not speak well for our education system, nor does it speak well for your intelligence.

      1. my grammars bad so sue me. i like every one have strong and weak points grammar is a weak point. and i am sorry i did not mean to rain on anyone’s parade. i just meant to inform the people talking about this, that the info posted by pokejungle does not come from any special source. cause a lot of people are wondering if it is true or not. and wondering where they can find the rest of it. i think pokejungle should of sated where they got the info it would of avoided some confusion. i do believe i that they meant to but forgot

        1. They probably should have included that tidbit, but it’s not a big deal that they didn’t. Bad grammar is one thing; not knowing the difference between “their” and “there” is shocking. This is one of the first rules of grammar that they taught as children. There is no excuse, really. That’s probably not even the worst of it, since it appears you like to use periods where commas are needed…

          1. so what if my grammar is bad, what do you care anyway. and i don’t see how it matters

  12. I don’t mind HMs at all, All i want is for EV & IV training to be made easier for everyone to do i barely understand how to EV train but I try but it’s just too difficult & I wish i could just use the first pokemon i catch rather then breeding a million eggs i actually do that sometimes cause it’s just too much & it works out later on so idec anymore! Hopefully ppl who pre ordered XY get this book 🙂

  13. The reason why Serebii or Pokebeach(2 of th 3 main sources for Pokemon info) didn’t post this is because it’s not a big deal. Only thing worth noting is Super Training. No one said there wouldn’t be HMs, the leaks just said there will be less of’em. All of this news is lame and boring and makes PokeJungle seem desperate for any little news it could find on the net. None of this stuff is important or interesting.

    1. In The Games Department
      Pokémon X & Y – Special Edition Console & New Pokémon

      During the special preview airing of the new movie, a trailer for Pokémon X & Y was shown and within it, it was announced that a special 3DS LL will be revealed. Due for release in October 2013, the console features a special print of Xerneas & Yveltal on the top case. It is said to come in Blue & Red colours. Also, during the trailer, a Pokémon called Orotto (オーロット), possibly romanised to Aulotte, was said to feature, but this is yet to be confirmed. We’ll provide more details and pictures as they come
      Edit @ 21:55: The Amazon listing for the Pokémon X & Y strategy guide has revealed a new feature called Super Training. It’s not currently known what this feature entails but when we know, it’ll be posted on the sit

    2. Well, it’s either OMG NO NEWZ!!! or THIS NEWZ IZ UNIMPORTANTZ LOLZLOL. I don’t make the news 😉

  14. ” An updated type matchup chart that includes the all-new Fairy type!”

    Type matchup reworking too please. I want BUg weak to Poison again.

  15. I go away for the long weekend and so much news is revealed. So, what’s the haps on the new pokemon “Orotto”? Where can we get pics?

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