The Jungle Games: Our New Staff

This one should have come sooner. We already had chosen the tributes long ago, and you already have seen some articles written by them. Yet, we never told you who we exactly picked out of the remaining eight. So, who won? All eight of them! We were impressed with what they had written and it was hard to choose who exactly was better than the rest. Combine that with the fact we really wanted to expand the site and needed a lot of helping hands, you can see why we decided this. Click the spoiler below for more information on each tribute.


[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Casey is a late teenager who lives in the US. He’s an art student and would like to work for Nintendo in the future. His favorite Pokémon is Bayleef and he likes to play Pokémon Emerald and White the most. Casey currently hasn’t written any articles because he’s been busy, but that is likely to change soon.
  • Dan is already in his twenties and one of the oldest team members. He resides in the UK and works as a store manager for a supermarket. He is fond of Glaceon and Ice-types in general. He is our new writer for a Focus On series on Black & White 2 mechanics and will probably do a series of his own once he is finished with Focus On.
  • Mechanos is the youngest team member, being in his mid-teens. He lives in the US and is still attending high school. He likes Scolipede for its design as well as Reshiram and Salamence, along their sheer power. He has his own series, Pokéology, where he delves deeper into the biological bases of Pokémon design. It should come out every Tuesday, so be sure to check it out then.
  • Moving is in his early twenties and is another one who lives in the UK. Like Casey, he also studies Art. His favorite Pokémon is Quagsire, particularly for his colour scheme. He writes a series about Pokémon Lore, and has a good skill for finding out every detail about it in the game.
  • Sammydodger is a bit like Moving, being in the early twenties and living in the UK. He is attending college, studying an unknown course, as I haven’t dared to ask him. He’s a long-term fan and thinks Charizard is the best Pokémon for his pure design and epicness. He has written an article called Virizion’s Vision where he came up with an alternate Black & White 2 storyline.
  • Silver is the only one who lives in New-Zealand and is in his early twenties. He studies Japanese, Chinese and Spanish at university. He doesn’t have a series but he has written an occasional news article.
  • Sirwaddy is a bit younger than the big bunch because he’s in his late teens. He resides in the US and majors in Creative Writing. He likes Furret and believes it’s a pretty good Pokémon overall, with decent stats and movepool. His series, Then & Now follows the evolution of Pokémon Characters and he completely dissects their personality.
  • Kinganteros has been chosen as part of our new team, but unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything from him since. He was a frequent visitor to the site and we all hope he is doing well and that he returns soon to the site.



We plan to put this staff to its full use, even using them for Prof. Pokéjungle. You will see a lot more of them in the coming months. If you have suggestions, remarks or even polite complaints about all the new series, you can do so in the comments below.