Lore: The Epic Behind Pokémon

Hello! And welcome to the first of what will hopefully be an ongoing series of articles named: “Lore: The Epic Behind Pokémon”. Lore–for short–will combine myths, legends and theories to create a concise, detailed documentation of the Pokémon World history, as well as exploring how these relate to our world. This first article will remain inline with our unique, ongoing coverage of Black 2 and White 2, covering the lore behind the Pokémon Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem and the Unova region. Be warned, it’s pretty lengthy!

[spoiler]Thousands of years before the events of Black 2/White 2 (BW2), a land was decimated by war as humans fought for control. The humans of this land were coalesced by two heroes: The Twin Heroes. The two brothers sought help from the original Dragon to end the war and create a land that was united by name; the Unova region. However once the quarreling of the Unovan people had ceased, The Heroes themselves began to dispute their misaligned visions, arguing over which of them carried the correct value. Truths or Ideals.

The single dragon witnessed the twins’ feuding and split itself forming two dragons representing truths and ideals. Reshiram and Zekrom accordingly. The two battled alongside a brother to decide how the land of Unova should be ruled. After feuding with no results the brothers eventually reached a truce: both their arguments were incorrect and the world must exist with balance. Years later the sons of the two heroes reignited the disagreement, Unova was laid to waste by the thunders of Zekrom and the infernos of Reshiram, who vanished after realising their wrongdoings.

When the original Dragon split a third entity remained, an empty shell lacking truth, ideals or emotion. Kyurem. It is unclear how Kyurem came to reside in the Giant Chasm and as such there several theories; the most plausible three follow. The first–as told by The Legend of Lacunosa Town–suggests that a meteor appeared from the skies carrying Kyurem, forming the Giant Chasm after colliding with the ground, where the Pokémon resides for centuries following the impact. This would suggest that Kyurem was transported from the planet (possibly by its creator, Arceus) and returned to Unova when Kyurem was needed.

The second theory, holds the same basis as the first. However, the meteorite would have contained the Original Dragon rather than Kyurem. This would mean that after creating creating the Unova region the Dragon travelled into space and resided there until it witnessed the feuding Twin Heroes. At this point the Dragon will have propelled itself into a collision course with the planet, eventually crashing into the area behind Lacunosa Town creating the area now known as the Giant Chasm. This is where the Dragon would have split into the three members of the Tao Trio; Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem. After the dragon of truths and the dragon of ideals fled to their respective brothers Kyurem remained within the chasm, waiting, becoming the beast featured in The Legend of Lacunosa.

Finally, this third theory suggests the Original dragon split where the Giant Chasm is currently situated. After Zekrom and Reshiram left to engage in battle, Kyurem would have remained as an empty lifeless shell. The meteor was sent to Unova by a higher being to bring life to the beast and its longing for a hero of truths and ideals. (As a note to all theories: Kyurem has several signs of damage on its body that may suggest it was maimed during the meteor impact.)

Now, as you may have already guessed, the Tao trio has a very close relation to Taoism of our world. Each of the three dragons represent a different part of Tao, as can be seen in the Taiji symbol (more commonly called the Yin Yang symbol), the balance between both yin and yang:


The dragon of ideals, Zekrom is based on the concept of yin. Despite being the negative, dark entity Zekrom/yin does not represent evil. Yin opposes the concept of yang, but is neither right or wrong, as in the battle between the Twin Heroes.

Reshiram, the dragon of truths follows the idea of yang. Associated with positivity and light, Reshiram’s appearance draws from this idea. Heaven was created by the concentration of yang, which may possibly explain Reshiram’s angelic appearance.

Wuji, the absence of both yin and yang. Wuji is symbolised as a circle to provide a physical reference. Kyurem has no “polarity” in the world. It battles for neither truths or ideals and does not side with either of the two dragons.


The Black and White Kyurem formes introduced in BW2 slightly confuse the concept of Taiji. Kyurem (wuji) is said to be awaiting reformation with both Zekrom (yin) and Reshiram (yang), to reform the Original Dragon (Taiji). If wuji merges with yin or yang it is said to convert to a middle ground between it and the respective concept. This idea is also mirrored in the Pokémon World. Assuming the theories behind how the three dragons came to exist are predominantly true Kyurem should be able to fuse with both Zekrom and Reshiram, at the same time. The Gene Wedge/DNA Link Pin only allows the fusion of two Pokémon, suggesting that Team Plasma were unable to successfully replicate the fusion of all three, or that the dragons denied a successful fusion.

Regardless of why Kyurem cannot fuse with both Zekrom and Reshiram in BW2, the existence of the Original Dragon/taiji cannot be argued. Zekrom, Reshiram and likely Kyurem are all part of a greater existence, as such we will hopefully receive more consolidated information on the relationship between the three dragons and their origin stories in the English versions of BW2.[/spoiler]

The relationship between the three dragons and Kyurem’s formes is a complex one, but what do you readers think? How do you believe Kyurem really came to exist? What do you think is the real reason Kyurem can’t fuse with both Zekrom and Reshiram in BW2? Post your comments and theories!


  1. This is a brilliant new article idea. I anxiously await more.

    I feel that we may see the Original Dragon, but will never actually be able to use it in the games; it would most likely be way overpowered, in my opinion. Which is an issue that can be solved, but with that I’m not sure that diluting such a power would do justice to the entity.

    As for Kyurem, I’m not sure. It is the frozen remnant of the Original Dragon, that much is clear. How it arrived at the Giant Chasm though, at least that is sure to be divulged in time, especially with the movie being right around the corner; I am confident that there will be a back story in there.


      Sadly, most of the movie is about the Musketeer trio training Keldeo and Keldeo fighting Kyurem to prove it is a Sacred Swordsmen. The only mention of Kyurem’s back story is Iris mentioning that the elder told her about how it was a dragon she may not like. She says she likes all dragons, but this one’s a freezing Pokemon, then says Kyurem was born at the same time as Reshiram and Zekrom and is the strongest dragon in Unova, blah blah. Nothing new from what I know, unfortunately.

      1. There’s also the fact movie isn’t canon. Kyurem can change form at will in the movie, it needs a Reshiram/Zekrom and a Gene Wedge to do so in the games.

        Also, I’ll get round to replying to everyone’s comments properly later on. Glad you’ve liked it so far!

    2. The movies, along with the anime, never explained the pokemon world as it is meant to be. They make their own interpretations making lots of stuff up along the way for storytelling reasons etc.

      How I wish there was a seperate anime staying true to the games…… without silly repetitive dialogue about basic type effectiveness full with errors, no pokemon calling out their names with no explanation or reason whatsoever… and not going on for ages with no progress. lol where did I go…

  2. I really enjoyed this article!

    Here is my analysis of the Original Dragon debate:

    First, I took a look at base stats. Both Reshiram and Zekrom share a 680 BST while Kyurem has a 660. So not only is it weaker, but damaged as well, as you stated (shortened wing, broken jaw on one side, etc.). However, when fused with either of the other two dragons, their combined BST rises to 700, reaching closer to Arceus’ BST of 720 than any other Pokemon previously.

    Now my idea is highly speculative, but is it not possible that Arceus is preventing the possibility of the Original Dragon ever reforming to prevent a Pokemon from becoming stronger than itself? And is it not also possible that the reason the Original Dragon split in the first place was because Arceus created a situation in which it had to in fear of one day being overpowered by it?

    1. I doubt it. Arceus has no intention of manipulating with a life force stronger than himself. I think that if they do show the original dragon.. that it would be cool if they fought.

  3. I think that Arceus have been created by the Original Dragon, beacause even if it is sayed to be a god his he come to life from an egg in a black hole.

    1. Yeah, my theory is similar to yours.
      I think it’s so easy to see yet most people fail to. There is no meteor. Kyurem was the meteor. The original dragon splitted and Kyurem fell from the sky all the way down to the ground.
      Also, the Lacunosa legend is just a legend in the Pokémon world. It’s not serious. Like the bigfoot in the real world, you know.
      The fact that there are “extraterrestrial” pokémon in Giant Chasm was propusely made by Gamefreak to feed the legend, somewhat as a joke or reference.

  4. Another thing that deserves to be mentioned are their secondary types.

    People have noticed that the types are the same as the oh so “classic” legendary birds main types, however the difference is that this time, the types are not just used together because its a cool combination, but actually have reasons!

    As the Yin and Yang, equal opposites, Reshiram/Zekrom are about energy. The only types really fitting the description “energy types” are Fire and Electric.

    Since Wuji is the absence or the boundary, naturally Kyurem is about absence of energy, which finds the perfect match in the cold of the Ice type.

    So Kyurem was meant to be weaker by concept, and never meant to be equal to the other two. Which is of course why it requires the Energy duo themselves to become a force to be feared.

    About its origin, it’s hard to say for sure. We have:
    -original dragon
    -event A: dragon splitting into Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem
    -event B: meteor impact north of Lacunosa
    -Reshirams/Zekroms continued legend
    -Kyurem living in the chasm
    But no indication for the time order or relation of the meteor to the rest of the story.

    I pretty much love my interpretation:
    Imagine the original dragon flying away towards the sky, then splitting into black and white to the sides resulting in Reshiram/Zekrom of course, who return back as fresh dragons capable of proper landing (lol). The remains of the dragon however are still a living entity, without energy. Oddly instead of freezing to death, it survives, with the cold now being its element as the energyless being. Gravity does its job, and the frozen monster crashes northeast. Ever since lingering there.

    I doubt we will ever see the original dragon (until gamefreak pulls another 180 turn on us and announces the fifth instalment, Grey, of course… kidding lol).
    It is more like “the pokemon that died in the Brass Tower fire”, although there is actually an intruiging theory suggesting those were Eevees, its just a theory and will never be officially confirmed. They will leave the original dragon to our imagination.

    One thing I wanna point out before I start to QQ about it in the articles to come: Not all legends are actual history!
    The Unova legend is realistic and probably accurate for example. As is the Tower duo story of Johto, since the towers are real physical buildings standing there for us to see.
    When it comes to the other two legends however… they are both creation myths.
    Hoenns myths revolving around Kyogre/Groudon as the creators of this region, while Sinnohs over-the-top dimension legends are said to have formed their region. But even going as far as mentioning Arceus as the creator of the universe itself, which is preposterous before anything else.

    Some myths are, just that, MYTHs.
    1. ancient people witness local powerful creature manipulating reality in interesting way
    2. conclude it must be a god
    3. conceive a story about it creating their region
    4. the tale shared with descendants

    Be sure for me to come back and go deeper into this, especially with the article that will suggest Arceus as actually being the creator of the universe (as this article already implied)


    1. Also with the typing, fire and electricity, as well as auroras (polar lights) are forms of plasma, hence the name Team Plasma. 😉

      I do very much like your interpretation or the dragon splitting. It seems pretty epic in my head…

      And I honestly don’t believe that Arceus is the “God Pokemon”. I wrote about it being the creator for the article’s sake. Part of it has to do with my Christian beliefs; the other part is because it doesn’t seem right for some reason. The way I see it is: “If God had a Pokemon, it’s probably be Arceus.”


      1. (I only noticed now that Ive never commented while being logged in o.o)

        I see 😀

        Team Plasma was another piece of epic I couldn’t believe when I first heard it, as it was exactly at that time I was discovering plasma and whats called the electric universe model, which only adds to the awesomeness gamefreak is heading this franchise on all the way.

        Forgot to add how the energy aspect is clearly shown with their tails. Reshiram and Zekrom having huge tails which are sources of energy, resembeling a torch and a generator of some kind, which in turn also adds a layer to the nature/technology theme going on between black and white.
        Kyurem doesn’t have an equal tail but some claw like piece that resembles a plug and eventually extends into an imitation of the duos tails as it absorbs them.

        1. Let’s just wait to see what I feel is best to write about Arceus 😉

          There are several theories and Pokédex entires that all sort of contradict each other, in a non-direct way. Also contradictory entires within entries for different Pokémon.

          Whatever makes it into the article is going to involve a lot of theorising, as is the whole series (assuming I get the go ahead to carry on after this). I guess whatever gets you guys commenting is best? 😉

    2. Actually, those legends about the creation of the Pokemon universe are fairly canonical, considering TPC has confirmed them time and time again both in the actual games, product descriptions, interviews, etc…

      Other legends such as Regigigas are up to interpretation considering we only possess a few lines of encyclopedic data to go by.

      1. Can you elaborate what you are talking about, or point me to any of it?

        I hope its not something to do with the anime..

  5. Great article, I don’t think we’ll ever see the original dragon though :(. Can’t wait until BW2 is released so we can find out more about the story.

    Btw, there are a couple of typos in the article (that I was able to find). You wrote “The two battled each battled (<—) along side ( and shouldn't it be alongside lol) a brother "

    Great article!! Let's see what the next one will be about 😉

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Ah, yes, I’ve corrected the typos. They slipped right past me. 😛

      As for the next one… I’d like to have worked through from the very start of Pokémon History in chronological order. But I’ve decided to work through it a bit differently, keep things interesting 😉

  6. Loved this article. One of the things that I wonder about the “original” dragon is, what typing would it be? It can’t be Dragon/fire/electric/ice, and it can’t be fire/electric b/c it would lose it’s most important dragon typing. If it’s as epic as it sounds it could be what typing do you all think it would be?

    1. Been thinking about that for quite some time…
      It cant be representing either energy nor ice.
      It would have some kind of important tail I assume.

      The simplest would be Dragon.
      However that would probably make the split three more interesting, defeating the point.
      The second easy way out is the generic Dragon/Flying, but that’s even more boring than pure Dragon in my opinion, and would just give it the standard quad weakness to ice…

      We have had 680TBS dragon legendaries before, so we could as well exclude their type combinations.
      Rayquaza, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina.
      Flying, Water, Steel, Ghost.
      Normal is out of question.
      That leaves us 8 types.

      It is safe to assume it would not be one of the mean types, since its a royal dragon which just doesn’t fit.
      -Poison, Dark

      Neither is there any chance for it to suddenly turn out to be an insect…

      And we are down to 5.
      Since none of the rest can be excluded without more information than we have, lets contemplate each of those possibilities.

      It would make a colorful contrast with the other three (fire/electric/ice/grass)
      but besides that it would feel very random.
      I mean, if it was covered in plants or the tail had whatever details that conveyed the Grass type, it just wouldn’t make sense for that to go completely away after splitting.
      Personally I am confident Grass is being saved for a proper nature-themed mascot legendary that should appear soon. For the original dragon, while exotic, its plain odd.

      This one is much more realistic. With a focus on the land, as the royal dragon of Unova. That could work. No idea what tail would resemble or what other details a Ground type would embody, as Ground has always been kind of vague to notice from design alone (but then again, so were the split dragons types when we first saw them). Then there is the fact that we have seen this combination on 2 of the so few dragon lines there are, Flygon and Garchomp, not easily ignorable fellas..

      Okay?… I cannot picture anything serious in this or think of aspects of this type that would make sense for this role.

      Ah the regular “legendary” type. This is a completely viable option.

      Might sound weird at first, but if you honestly consider what the Rock type encompasses, it is an interesting choice.
      First it is the type of fossil pokemon, which fits the “ancient” part of it.
      Then Rock is also about gemstones. Royal dragon huh? What’s more royal than being covered by precious shiny stones?
      And lets not ignore how the split dragons turn into stones when going into hybernation mode.
      Not to mention we don’t even have that combination yet (which is weird as fossils should include a few dragon types at some point, I thought..).

      So personally,
      Dragon/Rock plz.
      It would look literally brilliant, and fits the role on multiple levels.

      1. Dragon/Psychic is perfectly perfect.

        But then Dragon/Ground. Ground is super effective against Fire and Electric whose moves it is immune to. Nah I lost it.

      2. Pure dragon makes the most since with it being able to learn electric, fire, and ice moves. People speculated that the Kyurem formes would have an ability that would give them stab for electric and fire attacks respectively. So maybe it would have some crazy ability that would give it stab for electric, fire, and ice moves. It would be way op, but it is the original dragon. 😛

  7. Really loved your article…some really interesting points in it…

    I have been so.curious and interested in the ‘original dragon’ concept since BW first brought it up…and unlike some of you…I cn see the Original Dragon appearing at some stage…here’s why:
    Lets stick to Pokemon B +B2 storyline for now

    So at the current stage of the games the main character of Black has control of a Reshiram…and is absent in B2 for whatever reason….Then in B2 the main character now has control of Zekrom and Kyurem!
    Should Gamefreak choose to end this generation with a climax… they could easily have one final game where the main characters of B, B2 and B3 all gather for whatever reason to battle whatever the ultimate threat is…and by the combination of truth… ideals …and heart that is neccesary for Kyurem… the original dragon is reborn and helps Unova again!

    Thats the way I can see the story going SHOULD they decide to continue


  8. I personally think the original one will be on the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire 😀 but hmm, perhaps the original dragon may appear on the 16th movie next year :P, fighting genesect

  9. Pokemon Grey please.

    Or a remake of Unova far out in the future that explains all of this.

  10. Not sure how many of you did the sage side quest in black and white but tge sage you find in chargestone cave mentions a legendary dragon being there for yeara sleeping or someyhing like that, combine that with the fact that the respective stone for version being originally discovered in the hot arid.desert resort. Then kyurem being discovetrd in the cold icy depths of the giant chasm. So leys say it wemt like this…
    The origin dragon took to the sky to split, because the energy would cause too much destruction. So when the fresh split happened, there werr 3.dragon forms lacking a secondary type, reshi barreled down into the desert, lacking its bettr halfs it picked up dna and energy from the pokemon and weather around it, becoming dragon/ fire. Zekrom crashrd down into chargestone pi,king up the energy of the pokemon and the natural blue electricity to make up the rest of its missing dna. Kyurem the most unfortunate landed in a icy cavern, ice which opposes dragon only froze him and his energy when his dna tried to merge explaining why the original dragon will never be comlete again, because he can never return,to his orb form again to merge into 1. Instead though the gap on his dna does allow him to merge with 1 of his respective others but can never melt the ice thay bonded with his dna

  11. Let me take a crack at this lol

    IMHO, I think the Original Dragon with be revealed in Gen 6, 7, or a Unova remake.

    Regarding typing, it could simply just be a Dragon type, seeing how it is the “Original” Dragon. But I agree with Uyi with it having a Dragon/Psychic typing.

    I think the Original Dragon’s story is told like this..

    A sacred/royal Dragon lived a long life alongside Pokemon. When it died for some unknown reason, it split into 3 entities that will take it’s place in the future and at some point in time, they will all combine again to become the Original Dragon.

    These 3 entities were the Light Stone, Dark Stone, and God Stone (or whatever stone Kyurem transformed from). 2 of these stones fell towards Earth where they remained for several millenniums. The God stone however couldn’t find it’s way towards earth and traveled the voids of space alone.

    Finally, after several thousand years, the God Stone, now inside a large meteorite, fell onto Earth and created a large crater where it would remain for another thousand years.

    The day came when the twin brothers (from the actual story of Reshiram and Zekrom) representing truth and ideals would make contact with the Light and Dark Stones and cause them to awaken into 2 dragons, Reshiram and Zekrom.

    At the same time, the God Stone, which did not have a hero to awaken it, awoke on it’s own. Since it didn’t have a formal awakening, it’s body was left incomplete. It was trapped in the Giant Chasm it created when it fell towards earth, and without a hero to fill in it’s missing parts (pokedex entry), it lived alone.

    Many years later, a device would have been created in order to combine Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem, into the Original Dragon once more, known as the DNA Link Pin (or the Gene Wedge >.>). Kyurem didn’t have a hero, so it would listen to anyone thinking they were it’s hero, but after years and years of being lied to, Kyurem would hide the DNA Link Pin and hide itself in a cave unreachable (the barrier it uses would hide the cave) and only Kyurem’s true hero would be able to reach it.

    When the day came, Team Plasma and Ghetsis attacked Kyurem, although it thought they were it’s hero seeing how they were able to get past the barrier, Kyurem would become the slave of Ghetsis up until Kyouhei/Mei and N came to save the day. Kyurem’s family, Reshiram and Zekrom, have already found their heroes (N and Black/White), and when the time came that it would meet one of it’s brother/sister (Me saying Reshiram is a girl), it would combine once more into the Original Dragon.

    Little did anyone know, the Original Dragon needed all 3 of the Dragons to be combined, and Kyurem made incomplete forms of the dragon. Everyone, including Ghetsis would realize that the Original Dragon cannot be restored through the use of technology, but through the connections between Kyurem, Zekrom, Reshiram, the hero of truth, the hero of ideals, and the hero of both (for Kyurem)

    One day, all 6 of them would combine into the Original Dragon, and it’s hero of (idk).

    So I’m basically saying, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem are incomplete versions of the Original Dragon, which means, they’re so damn strong because they hold “half” of it’s real strength. It’s impossible to recreate the Original Dragon unless Kyurem, Zekrom, and Reshiram have all found their heroes and since N, who was Zekrom/Reshiram’s hero, gave Zekrom/Reshiram away, it’s pretty much an impossible task now.

  12. I still laugh when people thought Kyurem had nothing to do with Reshiram and Zekrom. It was blatantly obvious.

    I think they could have the Original Dragon in a later gen. and go more in depth in this story, similar to Regigigas and the Regi trio.

    1. lol IKR

      Can you believe there was a time when people thought you talk rubbish for saying Giratina is related to Dialga and Palkia?

      There is always those people 😛

  13. Original dragon will be revived by kyurem giving reshiram and zekron its skin, (then they and kyurem will have new forms) (kyurems when it becomes pure ice.)
    then on grey or (purple: genesect) the dragon will take 2 pebbles of the dragons respective stones to keep them alive .

  14. Interesting fan theories so far.

    I, however, still doubt we will see the original dragon again. Probably some of you will remember the myth revolving around Arceus, peaking in the events in the Sinjoh Ruins. My own theory focuses on Arceus’ myth, being portrayed as having thousand arms and shaped the universe. And here is the first flaw, since we don’t know who witnessed that to pass it down. But assuming this is true – it would imply Arceus itself once existed as a far more powerful being and is encountered weakened from the repeated process of creating. This could be supported and weakened by the events happening in the Sinjoh Ruins. There it seems like the creation process can be repeated without draining Arceus. However, there are the Unown and the fact it can be only repeated twice per game – for two members of the creation trio. My guess is that the Unown, assuming they came to being after Arceus began to exist, serve as energy amplifiers of some sort, to help Arceus to create the energy needed and turn it to Dialga, Palkia or Giratina. This could support the assumption it existed once as a far more powerful being – way too powerful to be wielded by a trainer in battle, and i guess same goes for the original dragon. The dragons are split, but Kyurem, as the empty shell can still draw upon their powers, only one at a time, to continue with the theme of the games, but this would again, leave open questions to potential sequels, well.

    Also, in Opelucid City, Drayden hands you the Gene Wedge, which is stolen by Team Plasma. But how comes it that when facing Ghetsis, he tosses a God Stone(?) into the air which transforms into the Gene Wedge, before fusing Kyurem?

  15. I still think that they split in the sky, and reshi gained its secondary typing from the enviroment of the desert resort, zekrom gained his from chargestone, and kyurem gained its from the giant chasm, but kyurem could never fully rebond its dna due to its internal conflict of the ice constantly trieng to damage its dragon typing, which ots why it has dna loop big enough to fit one of the others in but its damages will never allow the trio to be one singular dragon typing again
    I mean they couldnt
    It would be a dragon single type
    With ice lightning amd fire at its disposal due tp its previous,indeavors
    And have a base stat around 740 or higher
    Etc etc
    Everyone would be toast
    Unless its stats was like
    Hp: 25
    Att: 320
    Sp att:,320
    Sp def:25

  16. the original dragon

    some people are theorising there will be a pokemon grey, with the original dragon as the mascot.

    he will be reshiram zekrom and kyurem combined

  17. I had a thought about Arceus and the Unown. The Unown, when alone, have little power. But when they begin to group together, it is said that a strange power emerges. When I saw Arceus (SPOILERS) create Dialga/Palkia/Giratina, and the Unown came, it made me think of the living word of God. Just think it’s neat that they were able to incorporate an older Pokemon in such a perfect way.

    1. I’ve been away for the past week but I shall start working on the next article shortly. Sorry for keeping you guys waiting!

      1. its ok, i was just wondering since its been a while, cant wait for it! 🙂

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