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When we were young, everyone had those common misconceptions about the games, things that you and your friends thought you could do, but actually couldn’t. So what shameful things did you believe that were in the games? Don’t be afraid to tell them, even I thought you could fuse Pokémon when breeding in Gold/Silver.

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  1. Well being a fan since the good old days of red and blue i couldn’t possibly list all of the ones i believed aged like 5.. but one that always stuck out was a rumor of being able to catch mew in a place called Bill’s Secret Garden- a place in the game only enter-able after getting all 150 other Pokemon. Im sure some of you will have also fell for this one but i still remember working my butt off with the old link cable to get that last pinsir and to no aveil…

      1. Ah yes, forgot about that- it seemed ridiculous back then, common practice now XD. And to think all you really needed to do was catch a wigglytuff, reach ceruleon city, catch an abra and teleport XD

  2. I thought that if you talked to the girl in the Lake of Rage in G/S about the Pink Butterfree, it would appear in the National Park

  3. and dont forget the truck in vermilion city, where you could “catch” mew if you use strength to move it.. I’m lame cause I tried it…haha good times!!

  4. In Silver, I couldn’t figure out how to get the magnet train to move, so I tried filling my team with strong electric types and I gave a magnet to the pokemon in front, hoping it might move the freaking train. X3

  5. That weird city that was meant to be in Platinum. You have to release all your Pokemon or something.

  6. For a long time, I used to believe that if you draw a circle around the Poke Ball on the touchscreen after you throw a Poke Ball then you’d be more likely to catch it.

  7. I remember how much I raged when I tried finding that stupid truck in Vermilion City.

    I always used to think as a kid (and still as an adult) clicking the a or b button when I’m trying to capture a Pokemon (mostly Legendaries) would make it easier to catch. I even use it when I’m playing roms :3

    Another one I remember is when I first got to Sunyshore City in Diamond. I saw that Munchhlax statue and heard that if you get the Pokeflute from FR/LG and trade it over to Diamond and Pearl, you could use it on the statue and the Munchlax would turn into a Snorlax and you could catch it.

    But the one I will never EVER FORGET… is the Spaceship event in Mossdeep City. Where you had to talk to the scientist about the launch number and when it hit 100, you could ride the spaceship into space and catch Deoxys or Jirachi.

    It hurts me to remember how many months I spent waiting for the freaking launch number to hit 100.

  8. I’ve played Pokemon since Red and Blue, so there are too many to count. Many of mine had to do with evolution. I thought Pinsir evolved into Heracross, Aipom evolved into Smeargle (thought it was a monkey for the longest time), and Geodude into Onix. To my surprise, they never did.

    I used to pronounce Suicune as “Sooi-sane” for some odd reason.

    My friend once told me that if I plugged my link cable into the back of the television I could play it on the screen. I shoved it into every hole I could find before I realized he had lied. He also told me if I got a Kecleon to level 100 it would learn a move that would allow me to walk through walls. I did and then ran into a tree. So many hours wasted… 😐

  9. When I was 5, I wasn’t very good with the tcg, so I once was told that you could only evolve a pokemon as soon as it ran out of HP, and that when you did, the opponent would automatically faint. I somehow actually believed it.
    Also, in Ruby and Sapphire I used to think that the reason the other people kept winning in the contests and not me was because of their nicknames, so I tried nicknaming my pokemon with random letters that didn’t even make a real name. Even then, I didn’t win.

  10. Probably one of the biggest derp things I did was thinking that Groudon was fire type. I thought that it was because of drought, it knowing Fire Blast, Kyogre and the water attacks I used against was super effective. So when I caught it, I didn’t it’s type and assumed it was a Fire type. The sad part is, I didn’t find out that it was Ground type until D/P. xD

  11. Well, for some reason (in Ruby) I used to think that Latios would evolve into a Lugia(maybe because of their dragon like appearence *_*)
    I also used to think that the spaceship in Mosdeep city would fly me to space so that I could catch deoxys or jirachi.
    There were also rumors back in R/S/E about extra features( i don’t remember well) that would be available if i would beat the Pokemon league 100 times or if the play time was > 500 hours -_-…..
    The most shameful misconception for me, a pokemon fan for over 10 years, is that I used to believe( I recently realised that it’s a misconception) that Keckleon was a pokemon belongig to the 2nd generation. That probably happenned because of an episode of the johto saga that featured two kecleons.( a green one and a purple one). Remember it?

    Also, this is my first post here in pokejungle. It feels so great 🙂

    1. Man, i remember that episode being shown. I freaked out because I thought I knew all the Pokemon in G/S/C, I tried to tell myself a Digimon had snuck in somehow. XD

  12. All of those “keys” to increasing the chance of catching a Pokemon:
    -Holding down a button, many, or even a combo.
    -Speaking the word, “Gotcha” into the mic.
    -Crossing your fingers.

    I used to think that…
    – Spinda was a Fire type.
    – The Legendary Beasts were dogs.
    – Delibird wasn’t a real Pokemon.
    – Mewtwo + Ditto = Mew

      1. I can understand that.
        To me it’s:
        Raiku – Tiger
        Entei – Lion
        Suicune – Cheetah
        That is but one of many perceptions, though. ^^

  13. I remember when I first found out how breeding worked in G/S, I traded my Articuno from Red to Silver and tried to breed it with a Ditto.

    I felt cheated.

  14. I only rember 2 when ruby and sapphire came out and I did a blind run when I first saw Miltoic
    I thought it was the best Pokemon ever. So I was listening to the rumors and I heard you had to level febas up to lv100 to evolve. all that time wasted. And when it didn’t evolve I felt like crying. And when fire red and leaf green I thought hitmonchan evolved into hitmintop( I was obessed with it back then). but I assume it evolved at a certain level. But it never evolved -.-

  15. Hm..I can’t remember a lot of personal misunderstandings, except for one I’ve mentioned before in a previously that when crystal first came out and shinys were introduced I thought a shiny wooper was a legendary :u

    I thought the old man back in R/B/G/Y at Viridian City, that would lay on the ground until you got the pokedex/showed you how to catch Pokemon, was a fish. And when he moved I made no connection that he was the thing laying on the ground xD

    Also I know others thought this as well is also in R/B/G/Y the dude guarding the Unknown Dungeon was a British royal gaurd. The cave door blended all to well with the sprite cx

  16. I could’ve sworn back in the G/S days that fire was strong against dark. My girlfriend and I were literally just discussing that. lol

  17. I was told that in FR & LG you had to catch an Onix and name it Tectonix. level it up to 70 and then go to the sevii islands to the statue of the dead onix, ou would have to talk to the trainer next to it, he would then want to trade for your Onix. He would give you the ticket to get to Deoxys’s island for your Onix.

  18. I always remember how my friends tricked me that when you run down the bicycle road in R/B/G there will be a small hole to let you pass through and surf all the way to Johto with all new Trainers and lots of Pokemon lv 70+. OMG I WAS LIKE HELL YEAH

  19. Never have played the original G/S/C games, I heard somewhere, I think it was Serebii actually…) that in SoulSilver you could go to Kanto after beating the game and In HeartGold you could go to HOENN after beating the game XD

  20. I too thought that in Ruby/Sapphire that i could ride the spaceship after 100 launches…

    I remember thinking that fire was really strong against flying type pokemon because they would cook :3 then in G/S/C I discovered this to be a lie thanks to Falkner…

    I also thought that the Dark type was introduced in Gen 3 after seeing a poochyena on a pokemon card :’D so to me umbreon was a psychic type….

  21. Before i knew the egg groups, i thought Pikachu and Clefairy can not breed and ONLY pokemon of the same species can. Also, genderless Pokemon like Magnemite and Rotom (this is new to me, actually) can not breed too.

    I dont have anyone to trade before, so i thought, like in the Anime, Poliwhirl would evolve to Politoed if i let him hold the King’s Rock while leveling up.

    There’s a lot more that i can’t remember. 😛

  22. i remember hearing that in FR/LG if you beat the elite four 20 times mew would appear in cerulean cave on the spot where mewtwo was

  23. Like others I started out in the old school days of Red/Blue and a 6 year old is surely going to have misconceptions ha

    The one i remember most has to be the Mew under the truck thing. Infamous now as people who started in other generations heard about this one,

    It was believed if you got surf before the SS.Anne departed, You could then surrf to the right of the entrance where you’d find a truck (truck was there in fairness) and if you used strength on it i think? a Mew would battle you

    Good times 😀

  24. Oh gods how many there were….
    The pressing Down+B or Up+B I pretty much followed all the way till Gen 3, though after RBGY I knew it wouldn’t really work.
    At one point I used to believe in Mewthree and other ‘Pokegods’. And I thought that you could activate glitch city and then enter a new area called ‘Cloud Nine’ where you would find them :/
    I also though Ditto could evolve.

  25. when i first got emerald when i was 10 i thought sceptile was part poison so i chose swampert and got a gardevoir until i used psychic on my rivals scepitile and it was neutral. i was so confused but i kept playing and that file was my best since i found a shiny ditto shuppet and gulpin caught groudon in a pokeball on first try
    and found feebas on first try without knowing where to get it
    luckiest game file ever

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