Details on Next Movie (UPD: Blurry Trailer Added)

The official Pokemon website has updated with details shown in Corocoro about Genesect. Along with this came a picture and a few sentences announcing that the Pokemon movie for next year will, indeed, star Genesect.

A trailer is supposedly shown after Sacred Swordsman that gives us a look on what the movie will look like for next year, but no details other than the fact that Genesect is in it has risen yet.

Stay tuned 🙂 UPD: A user on YouTube has posted the following low-quality preview of the trailer shown after the movie:



  1. Can anyone tell kriffix that im in need of the new Mei VS Cheren B/W 2 Animated trailer to be subbed? He gave me the subtitles for the previous B/W 2 Animated Trailer and I need his help again ;P

    1. Kriffix is pretty busy with some stuff, but I can speak and translate Japanese as well, so I’m not sure if you want/trust my translations, but here you go:

      Using as a reference:

      (0:33) Cheren: “Let’s make this battle a memorable one and do our best.”

      (0:39) Mei: “Alright! Serperior, Hyper Beam!”

      (0:50) Cheren: “Stoutland, use Bite!”

      (0:53) Mei: “Serperior, counter with Slam!”*

      (1:02) Cheren: “Stoutland, are you alright?”

      (1:06) Mei: “Let’s finish this!” *Serperior cries out* “Serperior, use Frenzy Plant!”

      (1:17) Cheren: “Stoutland, Hyper Beam!”

      (1:34) Mei: “The battle’s just begun.” **

      (1:37) Cheren: “Bring it on!”

      *Mei literally says “Jaroda, Slam”, but in terms of dubbing to English, I feel like this was something they would say

      ** There’s a few different things you could use there. Either what I said above, or “It isn’t over yet!” or “This isn’t over yet.”, etc. Choose whatever you like best.

      Hopefully this helped. 🙂

      1. If you’d like to place it on the main page feel free as kriffix really likes putting of the B/W 2 stuff on the main page because it’s in HD and stuffs. And since you subbed this for me I feel it’s only right for you to put it on your site if your an admin ;P

  2. considering that genesect has been revealed so early there will more than likely be a gen 6 pokemon fighting it in the movie

    1. I support this theory. Because, well, there are always two legendary parties n the game.

      Keldeo vs Kyurem
      Dialga vs Palkia
      Or sometimes the gen flag. like Zoroark movie.

      I belive Gensect movie will include Gen VI Lucario/Zoroark + some pre-evo/evos of older Pokémon (I believe we’re getting a lot of evos this gen like Gen II and IV)

      Also, they are wraping up Gen V pretty fast. All legends revealdes, Meloetta gets adapted into anime instead of a movie. Makes sesne to me. lso, i expect Gen VI details coming February

      1. yeah i agree it will be the zororark/lucario of gen 6 mabye psychic type since lucario was fighting and zoroark was dark 😛 and hopefully we see some evos and pre vos too. i myself want a mix of mainly gen 3/5 pokemon.

    1. Ahaha, I thought this too. I don’t think anybody knew what I was talking about when I said it though.

  3. Oh god, why movie coming so early?

    I hope this doesn’t mean there is a possibility Gen 6 will be revealed next year or the year before that.


    1. We still have like a year for this movie. Plus, wouldn’t you rather have RSE remakes on the 3DS in 6th gen?

    2. well considering the pattern for pokemon, we may get a remake and a spin off game before then…..and we still didn’t get our 5th gen “pokemon stadium” yet. so it’ll take a while. i say 2 years.

  4. Ever since the pokedex was revealed before B/W I knew I HAD to cheat to get Genesect but I saved that for my second copy, like most other cheats. lol

  5. genesect is not that great, as it is 4x weak to fire. everyone has a fire type move on their team, right? so, genesect will fight a new fire type pokemon; hopefully a new starter, legendary, or at least event pokemon.

  6. How can Genesect be Pokedex/N-Dex no.300 when Skitty is no. 300?
    Is Unova going to get around 140 new pokemon?

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