Pokéology: Rotom

So, you can probably guess the focus of this article. Unexpected, right? The biology behind a ghost?  Yup; that’s what’s fun about this time.

So, without further ado, let’s get onto the basis.



Yeah, that image should kinda creep you out, but also remind you of your little ghosty friend.. Rotom!

Quite obviously, Rotom is a poltergeist– that is, a ghost that can manipulate physical forces. However, they can manifest as multiple forms; this can be as vary from mist, wind, electricity, plasma, to even invisible entities.  Most reports are of the invisible kind, where violent forces have attacked rooms, or even attacked people. It’s hard to put any record on this actually happening, as most reports go without any form of evidence. But these kind of things have been reported for years.

I’d say that Rotom manifests itself as “Ball Lightning”.

Look like Rotom? It should! That’s no mystical creature, that’s ball lightning. Ball lightning is an unexplained phenomena in weather, where lightning does not simply strike, rather, it forms into a ball and can streak across the sky. It can last up to 20 seconds before the lightning finally vanishes. In this time, it has been seen to burn through anything that it touches, and was even reported to move through walls. Freaky right?

What’s worse is that it’s not quite known what causes ball lightning, but most scientists have started  attempting to recreate them. The closest they’ve come is vaporized silicon, but even this has not truly explained the phenomena.  So this could happen to you the next time a thunderstorm rolls around, a ball of fire just flies through your walls and burns everything it touches. But just don’t expect it to happen; it’s very rare, though it has been found to happen in some places more than other.

So not only is Rotom a ghost, it’s a paranormal force representing itself as an unexplained scientific phenomena.

Betcha you’re wondering about the science behind it now.



Biology and zoology



Here’s an oddball. You probably think that it’s just designed, and that there’s nothing to talk about. Nah, there’s more to it than that. Think about it– one could assume ghosts can choose how they manifest themselves, and thus Rotom must have had some idea in its head when it shaped itself.

So, let’s start at the point on its head. That looks like an antenna to me, no? Rotom manifested itself into an electrical force, and the best way to get electrical energy is lightning. A single thunderbolt has 6 billion volts. That is a heck-of-a-ton, why not use it to charge yourself? This would be my choice if I was an electrical ghost, and I think most dead people would agree with me (if they could talk, that is).

The main ‘mass’ of Rotom is most likely plasma, and is not truly solid, and since this poltergeist is already dead, it has nothing to worry about when it comes to camouflage. The bright orange, however, is typical of plasma, and this explains the colour in the first place.

The bottom tip and mass could easily be a self-righting tool, such as a compass point. This would allow it to have a sense of what direction is down, and not have to worry about direction when fighting an enemy in a three-dimensional space. A ghost would have no sense of direction as it lacks ear drums; this leads to trouble. For example, fighter pilots have been known to have spacial disorientation when dog-fighting, and this can end badly when they’re in a high stress battle. Rotom could avoid this by using this mass, and that’s my opinion on that part.

Naturally, a poltergeist must have some ability to manipulate its surroundings, and the two electrical arms coming off the main mass seem to be its manipulation tool.

I’m pretty sure these forms speak for themselves, however, I will get into a few details with these few.

With all of them, someone could assume that the plasma super-heats the machines, turning them orange. However, there’s more to each than just that.  As it’s very possible that Rotom is remembering a key feature of each, and manifesting its electrical arms to do what it remembers about that item.

Wash forme has clothes pins for washing; as if it remembers washing clothing. Spin forme has swirls of air, remembering the cool blowing wind of the fans. Heat forme has oven mitts, remembering its days of cooking.. Frost could be seen as a snowman arms or gloves, remembering how cold the air around it is.. And finally, Mow forme remembers the blades and cutting power of the lawn mower, possibly why it looks psychotic– the mind focused on the cutting ability of the lawn mower.


So as always, feel free to discuss! I want to know– what’s your favourite forme? Suggestions, questions, comments? Go! I’ll read all of them and try to reply.