BW2 Gym Leaders Untamed: Castelia City!

Annyang, everyone! Mr.Bojingles reporting with another fantastic article of BW2 Gym Leaders: UNTAMED! I hope everyone’s summer is going well chock full of vacations (or stay-cations for those of you chilling at home) and plenty of R&R. My vacation is next week, so unfortunately I won’t be able to update with an article, but after the first weekend in August I’ll make my great comeback! Now introducing to Black and White 2 the new and improved Castelia City gym!



The last article of the Untamed series introduced Roxie, the new gym leader of Virbank City. With the punk star out of the way, you’ll make your way back to the ever familiar and still confusing Castelia City to face Burgh, the bug type gym leader! Now before I get berated about my somewhat negative comment regarding Castelia City, let me explain myself. Most of us are used to the tiny towns/cities that populate the Pokémon universe. They consist of a few houses, a gym, a Pokécenter, shopping areas, etc. There are a few notable exceptions such as Saffron City and Goldenrod City, but at least their layout is simple. I find Castelia City confusing in both layout and in size. The alleyways and ports are what really make it difficult to navigate. I find myself mindlessly running to each port and alley because I always seem to forget where the story progressing event takes place. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a bit frustrating at times. Alas, I understand the series’ need to enlarge the locations to give Pokémon a more “wordly” feel.

Complaints aside, I do have to say I’m rather impressed with Burgh’s improved gym. Like my feelings towards Castelia City, I felt the same with Burgh’s first gym layout. I’m sure we can all remember the maze of honey walls you have to run through to hit switches that open up pathways that lead to the leader. Well, now you have to traverse through a series of silk web tunnels and bridges that eventually lead you to Burgh himself. These silk tunnels lead you in and out of woven cocoons that you use to access other parts of the gym.  The new music theme is a series of soft electronic hums and ambient piano chords. It’s quite a nice tune – give it a listen as you’re making your way through the silk corridors!

I’m quite distraught to say that Burgh is just as easy this time around as he was a few years (game time) back. You’d think he’d improve after having two years to train, right? Anyway, Burgh is equipped with a team of mixed bug types. His first teammate is a level 22 Swadloon followed by a newcoming; a level 22 Dwebble. His final teammate is his epic level 24 Leavanny (side note: this is my favorite BW Pokémon due to its awesome grass type status and graceful praying mantis/stick bug type look). His Swadloon carries the dual bug/grass type, giving it a crippling weakness to fire and flying as well as weaknesses to ice, bug, poison and rock. It does come with some handy resistances, namely ground, fighting and grass types. As for moves, Swadloon uses Struggle Bug, String Shot, Razor Leaf and Protect. Razor Lead and Protect will be your major annoyances here, especially since the prior comes with a powerful STAB. Struggle Bug will be of minor concern due to its weak base power, but it can lower the opponent’s special attack. Wipe out Swadloon with any fire type attack to move on to the second contestant, Dwebble!

Dwebble is an interesting Pokémon. It comes with the peculiar Bug/Rock typing, which negates some weaknesses. In doing so, however, it adds quite a few more, namely water, rock and steel types. It also uses Struggle Bug, Smack Down, Faint Attack and Rock Polish. Smack Down is a pesky STAB attack that compliments Dwebble’s decent base 65 attack stat. It’ll deal with any flying or bug opponents with a cinch. Rock Polish, another rock type move, will increase its speed by two stages, allowing Dwebble to outspeed any unsuspecting teammates. Take advantage of Dwebble’s neutral fire defenses or weak water defenses to take him out!

Lastly, Burgh sends out his pride and joy; a level 24 Leavanny, a bug/grass type much like its predecessor Swadloon. This “nurturing Pokémon” excels in the areas of attack and speed, both peaking at 103/92 respectively. Its defenses aren’t too shabby either; they rest at 80/70 for physical/special defense. It’s special attack and HP also remain at 70. These stats are quite good for this level of battle, so Leavanny can be very dangerous if taken lightly. It uses Struggle Bug, Cut, Razor Leaf and String Shot. Thankfully its moveset this round is quite poor, so a decent leveled fire type shouldn’t have any problem taking care of it.

Burgh has made a number of modifications for his challenge mode team. For one he ditches Swadloon and replaces it with Shelmet and its counterpart Karrablast, both pure bug types. Shelmet comes with Struggle Bug, Curse, Mega Drain and Acid. If you let it get off a curse or two it can become quite dangerous, so make sure to take it out with a fire or flying move before it does any damage. Thankfully it’s quite slow, so you shouldn’t have a problem striking first for the kill. Karrablast is much quicker and packs a stronger punch. It can use Struggle Bug, Aerial Ace, Headbutt and Endure. Aerial Ace and Headbutt are strong attacks, so be wary of your teammates type and defenses. His Dwebble is equipped with Rock Blast instead of Smack Down. The prior is a multi hit rock attack and be dangerous if you’re using something weak to rock. Aside from that, it’s still easy to take out. Lastly, Leavanny comes with Aerial Ace and Grasswhistle instead of Cut and String Shot. Grasswhistle, while low on accuracy, is still a dangerous move as it puts the opponent to sleep. Leavanny is quite fast, so chances are it’ll be first to strike with this status move. Aerial Ace seems like it was built for Tepig users in this fight, so you’re better off using a Growlith or Darumaka for your fire type instead.

[/spoiler]Well, folks, that’s it for the third round of BW2 Gym Leaders Untamed! How did you fare against this gym? Did you find any troubles with the challenge mode version? I hope you enjoy the next week of summer. I’ll catch you all come August with a new article. Cheers!