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This question is courtesy of W1N570N. He pondered what your team would be if Pokémon existed in real life. Like in the games, your team can only exist out of six Pokémon, and you can’t have any legendaries, as these simply won’t obey to a mere civilian like you. Keep in mind that Pokémon who are hard to capture and train are also hard to capture and train in real life.

So, this is a really interesting question. You can tell us your dream team in the comments. Hopefully some worthwhile news comes soon, but we still have some articles to spare.


  1. My real life team would be-
    Dewott- main Pokemon and capable of swimming and water based attacks
    Vulpix- fire type and capable of helping with cooking and fire based attacks
    Leafeon- grass type and capable of using vine whip(to save/help)
    Togekiss- motherly figure and capable of flying
    Axew- mascot and capable of a wide range of attacks
    Munna- capable of psychic powers

  2. I have no idea tbh… I know I’d want a Zorua as my starter and that I hopefully could obtain a deoxys one day ( There are more than one so)

  3. This is one thing I have actually thought about in real life. I would have one from each gen (so only 5) leaving the last slot open to whatever I feel like.
    I would start with a Riolu – (My favourite is Lucario and using it’s aura powers, it would mean battles would become v.interesting)
    Then get an Abra (Who wouldn’t want to teleport everywhere and move obstacles with his Psychic powers?)
    Then a Lotad (Because I like Ludicolo and it could ferry me across water)
    I’d then acquire an Eevee and evolve it into an Umbreon (so lot’s of late night training)
    Finally, I’d get a Larvesta (as an Egg as it’s my favourite fire or bug type Pokemon)

  4. Ah this is a fun question! hmm I would have to go with:

    Glaceon(would be my main Pokemon..and preferably a shiny but with my luck in the real world…xD)
    Samurott/Dewott (not sure if I want to evolve it fully since I like Dewott a bit better..but if it’s the real world I wouldn’t force my Pokemon to not evolve if it did want to evolve all the way)

    It’s a close tie with either oshawott or cyndaquil for a starter. And I would nickname them all~

  5. Mine would be my collection of favorites-
    Umbreon- my favorite pokemon! This guy would be my main one without a doubt.
    Espeon- In my first play of my gold version, I bought a second Eevee at the game corner that happened to be a female, and evolved her into Espeon, making a “couple” of my two Eevees. Now I always see these two as a pair
    Vulpix- I can’t have Articuno, my favorite 1st gen, but little Vulpix would be a cute and cuddly addition. Plus, the ability to bring out the sun would help my eeveelution’s healing attacks.
    Roserade- My favorite 4th gen, and the evolution of my favorite 3rd gen, so why not?
    Milotic- SOOOO PRETTY :-0
    Cofagrigus- In contrast to all the pretty and cuddly pokemon, and my first successful Masuda shiny. Plus he looks so psychotic/sneaky…love it!

  6. Ooohh, nice question. I think I’ll have to go with: Ninetales (My main pokemon and starter), Ampharos, Marowak, Leafeon, Gyarados, and Crobat. Of course, Eevee are rare and Gyarados require a highly skilled trainer, so until I could obtain and train those, I would probably use a Butterfree and Wooper (For some reason, I’ve always loved Woopers).

  7. Infernape
    Gyarados (Shiny, from the Lake of Rage) ^^

    That’s my current team on Pokemon White, and would be my real life team if possible! =)

  8. Torchic-Blaziken: I have chickens already, so this wouldn’t be a stretch.
    Tropius: A bunch of banana trees lol
    Lillipup-Stoutland: I owned a Yorky and now own a Maltese
    Eevee-Espeon: Kitty
    Magnemite-Magnezone: There is an electric power plant a few blocks away.
    Azurill-Azumarill: I had many rabbits and I love going to the beach, its perfect.

  9. Its no fair we cant use legendaries. most of us should have some (i have about 30). But my team would be: Cinccino: cute. Lucario: tough and cool. Purrloin: high class and i have a cat. Flareon: To do fires. Dewott: water type.
    It is easy for some of us to capture legendaries and not all of us are mere. 🙁

    1. It actually is pretty fair because what kid wants to be killed instantly when a giant Rayquaza uses Dragon Pulse on it?

      Remember, this is real life, not in the anime where getting hit only hurts you merely or turns you into stone.

      1. who would kill a kid? Plus on the games, usally near the end the the game, you encounter legendaries.. That is when alot of opponents are tough! Legendaries like victini are not that powerful. Plus Tobias and his darkrai beet A BUNCH of weak gym leaders I:( Tobias, ash, etc says hi. I am glad this is someone elses faantasy.
        i could catch a legendary if i wnated (meloetta and rotom, not powerful

        1. Try to think about it realistically.
          Do you really advocate the concept of a ten-year-old owning the creator of the sea (Kyogre) and/or the master of time (Dialga). You can catch them in the game because the purpose is “to catch ’em all,” and regarding the anime, it’s meant for a younger demographic who care more about flashy giant monsters as opposed to character development and a solid plot.
          Honesty, there are even “regular” Pokemon that would be uncommon in real life, such as Volcarona and the starters.

        2. But again, that’s the anime, this is real life.

          Tobias also had a Latios and if the Greatest Everyday battle was canon, he has a Entei and a Lucario as well.

          Legendaries don’t kill in the anime (Azelf doesn’t count), but in real life, what do you think would happen if your Groudon used Fissure in a random battle near your local mall?

          Also, Rotom isn’t a legendary ._.

  10. Sceptile- starter and main pokemon i use
    Arcanine-caught not long after treecko as a growlithe. later evolved into arcanine. also used for transport
    Lucario- obtained as an egg
    Dewott- my favorite water type and stays this way
    Aipom- like dewott it stays unevolved. would stay on my shoulder most of the time
    krookodile- huge powerhouse of the team

  11. Nice question.

    My team would probably be..

    Blaziken – Main Pokemon and Starter
    Flygon – One of my favorite pokemon and I could fly with it.
    Togekiss – Special attacker
    Bisharp – Physical attacker
    Empoleon – For surfing

  12. pikachu [duh.] knows thunderbolt, iron tail, flash, and volt tackle. Charizard: knows fly, flamethrower, dragon claw, and earthquake. Meganium: knows razor leaf, strength, earthquake, and stun spore. Jigglypuff: knows dream eater, rollout, psychic, and sing [i have insomnia.] Samurott: knows surf, x-scissor, hydro cannon, and ice beam. Dragonite: ice beam, draco meteor, thunderbolt, and flamethrower.

    1. One thing. Legendaries are hard to find, let alone to capture them. Most of the Pokémon Trainers in the Pokémon World (so everyone who has never met Ash) have never seen a legendary. Not to mention it’s morally wrong to capture such beast of intelligence and purpose in the world.

  13. I’ll use my favorite Pokemon for this

    I know I have a couple pokemon of the same type in areas…but I wouldn’t care 🙂

  14. Serperior (F) “Fern” – Starter and preferably female. She’d be elegant and superior (see what I did there?) in any battle.
    -Leaf Storm
    -Sunny Day
    -Solar Beam

    Arcanine (M) “Blazeheart” – He’d be my main means of transport on land and a fierce opponent in battle.
    -Fire Fang
    -Double Team

    Purrloin (F) “Morrigan” – A female Purrloin serving as my “pet” and the one Pokemon I would keep out of her Pokeball (Pikachu style). She’d be the sneaky and mistrusting little princess. Very agile in battle.
    -Aerial Ace
    -Nasty Plot
    -Shadow Ball

    Ampharos (M) “Light” – A loving and caring Ampharos. He’d smile and give everyone big hugs all day long.
    -Thunder Wave
    -Signal Beam
    -Light Screen

    Skarmory (M) “Ace” – He’d be my Fly slave but also a stable member of my team. I’d say he’d be quite a big Pokemon in order to carry me on his back.
    -Steel Wing
    -Icy Wind

    Tyranitar (M) “Terror” – The reckless and self-centered Tyranitar made simply to kill things with his powerful attacks.
    -Hyper Beam
    -Stone Edge

    1. Really nice team, but it’s kind of useless to post the moves since you could teach them as many as you wanted xD

  15. My team would be (also line up in battle):

    Ferroseed – Ferrothorn: to throw out some spikes and what not, typical competitive battling

    Skarmory: My wall for the team; also used for flying

    Riolu – Lucario: Co-main pokemon; Co-powerhouse of the team; mainly sweeper (Obtained 2nd closely after Scyther)

    Scyther – Scizor: Co-main pokemon; Co-powerhouse of team; mainly scout (Obtained 1st)

    Pawniard – Bisharp: Just looks awesome; also helps with type coverage

    WILD CARD Staryu – Starmie: For cleaning up anything that can possibly destroy any of my steels; also for surfing

    For some odd reason I’d always liked steel pokemon so that’s what my team would consist of. I also have 2 mains because Scizor was my first level 100 by pure battles and Lucario, for some reason, I thought was one of the most amazing pokemon I’ve ever seen. And if I ever complete my goal for catching Heatran, then he would replace Bisharp. I also know that training steel types is very hard, so evolving them all would probably take at least 5 years. Yeah, I kinda thought about this a little too much.

  16. togekiss got as a togepi as starter for johto like pikachu for ash
    lapras got as a baby in kanto and help it learn its first move second strongest after my togekiss

    rest of team revolves around but i would mostly use a electrivire and magmotar why are rivals since the where elekid and magby
    have all starters and psuedo legandary since first stage except deino

    movesets for each are too long to list since they would now so many over the years

  17. wow is it bad that I have a whole story already for how I meet and catch my team?
    Aipom/Ambipom (I’m not sure if I want him to evolve…)

  18. Sceptile-Main pokemon (fave pokemon)
    Ludicolo- I need a pokemon to party with don’t I?
    Charmander- Nostalgia
    Lilligant- Imagine a hyper active, hilarious Lilligant. Yeah.
    Manectrik-Awesome electrik pokemon?
    Altaria- Epic Cloud dragon.

  19. Think about this everyday lol
    I’d use my main team that I’v been using since I first played White.

    Infernape (my starter)
    Sceptile (my quick partner)
    Samurott (my backup)
    Lucario (my just plain awesome teammate)
    Haxorus (my bodyguard)
    Pikachu or Scraggy (would switch between the 2 every now and then….my shoulder buddies)

  20. Togekiss – come on who wouldn’t want a graceful Pokemon
    Lucario – Strong partner
    Arcanine – For quick transport and it’s an awesome fire type
    Ampharos – Just because I like it (^-^)
    Zoroark – I love using it’s illusion ability for a sneaky battle surprise
    Meloetta – If team Rocket can find it using fancy equipment then why can’t I? but if no then I’ll go with…
    Lapras – It can carry me over water and it’s also good for battling

  21. since no 1 said i couldnt hav pokemon in the pc,or be a gym leader,or just encounter and battle any legends,this is how things would go down.i would hav a serperior (favorite starter of all time,love it,caught in wild),seismitoad(passed down 2 me from my dad,as i wrote in my book),throh(bulky as ever,best fighting type),archeops(fav fossil pokemon,gets me from point a 2 b,and more importantly,back 2 point a with my lady friends),eelektross(2nd fave electric,behind pika),and volcarona(strongest pokemon on team,has ability 2 get me into space by burning atmosphere into oxygen) dark type gym team(love darks)T-tar (strongest mon,love it),my shiny weavile(makes quick work of fightings and steels),umbreon(love this pokemon,and is bulky,passing wishs 2 my other team pokemon),houndoom(fire,son,kills everything),hydreigon(its got 3 heads,and tri-attack),and sableye(blocks and burns fightings. as 4 mons in my pc:aggron,castform,electivire,and flygon(all powerfull pokemon man,u cant hate on those). i love kyurem(yes,even b4 bw2),and lugia(my favorite legend since i was like 6,started pokemon at 2 years old,now 15 if ur wondering),and i would find them and test my strength on them,see their power,and do work(and hopefully not die). im sorry for my long post,but pokejungle wanted to know,and i told you.

  22. First comment I’ve made here, but this question got me thinking =) I probably wouldn’t be capable of getting anything too strong, especially dragons. But I would go for my favorites at least.

    Bulbasaur – my absolute favorite pokemon. The vines would be nifty for helping around the house, too. Especially gardening.
    Umbreon – aside from being really cool looking, it’d be nice to have when I’m out after dark.
    Arcanine – Big enough to ride on for short distance travel (otherwise I’d fly). Good for heating the home and cooking things.
    Pidgeot – I need a flyer, no exceptions! Pidgeot is majestic.
    Azumarill – there’s no way in hell I’d be able to tame a Gyarados. Plus, rabbits <3
    Raichu – help with the electric bills. Cute. Orange.

  23. Alright… Let’s give this a shot.

    To be honset, this fluctuates from time to time. However, with direct attempts to keep the cliche down…

    Manectric/ Houndoom
    Aggron/ Torkoal
    And… Mostly Gen 3. Eh, I grew up with that one. It fits.

    1. If it was with the gens we grew up with I would have Charizard, Lapras, Magneton, Aerodactyl, Snorlax and Dragonite

  24. Difficult question to answer. There are so many that I love, even with legendaries removed.

    I’d probably want:

    Ditto would be nice to sort of “expand” what I could have, and for breeding purposes, I suppose.

    1. I just hope you aren’t going to inbreed your Pokémon. It’s illegal in the real world, you know. :p

  25. Infernape- cuz he looks badass
    Dragonite- as a power house
    Electivire- as my starter
    Umbreon – is the pokemon that walks with me
    Torterra-For people with swamperts
    Lapras- For surfing and a tank

    Secret Pokemon would be hidden just in case. it would be Suicune

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