The Official Pokemon Conquest site has updated with two new codes for rare Pokemon within the game. DNB3x2gCgk unlocks the fire-ape Chimchar, whilst 8rf3XPwvJw unlocks the dark-dragon, Deino. These two codes work on European, American and Australia games but remember that these codes also only work once!

As a reminder for those of you who haven’t gotten previous Pokemon codes, frCLRpXG88 allows you to obtain the water-otter Oshawott and LTb3n3RYJ8 allows the ability to obtain the ground-dragon, Gible. Again, these codes only work once.

[UPDATE]: As has been pointed out to me by one of my colleagues, I am missing two passwords. The first is another password for Deino; PKSRGpCPZJ and second is one for the grass Pokemon, Lilligant: RwGxLbHRRk ; this code being given out via Nintendo Zone.

Keep up the conquering!

Silver, out.

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