Dae asks: Weather

Yes, I’m still alive. Starting the end of June, Daely Snack will be a weekly feature airing each Saturday before Smash. I’m too busy at the moment with school, so you’ll have to wait until Summer holiday starts.

What’s your favorite weather  condition? Not the one outside, but those in the games. And which do you use the most? And for those into competitive battling, do you have a special weather team?

Pokémon Smash is airing soon, and we’ll be there to give your live coverage. We’re almost sure we’re receiving new BW2 footage, so this one will be actually interesting. In the mean time, comments go below, as always.

  1. Probably a close call between Hail and Sandstorm. Both because they assist my two favourite types, and I think they’re the most effective during battles, Sandstorm advantages more types than the others.

    Then there’s Excadrill backed by Sandstorm, with either Sand Rush/Force.

      1. Well, yeah. But it works too perfectly, so I just went ahead and said it. 😉

        Man, I need to get back into competitive battling.

  2. Hail needs to be looked at by gamefreak :<
    Not just some actual extra for Ice types, but even Ice types themselves need some improvement on the defensive side, since "defensive ice pokemon" is just a cruel joke as it stands.

    Ive been wondering what additional weather there could be.
    The obvious seems some strong wind, doubling speeds of birdies with proper abilities, but also boosting Flying type attacks… and lowerin accuracy of all non-contact moves by say 20% xDDD
    Also no charge turn for Sky Attack or Razor Wind.

    Id also replace Hail by something Snow based, and make Hail a general hazard weather (its stuff falling on your head .o.).

    1. Interesting question. 😀 New weather effects would be nice.
      Maybe when around volcanoes, there could be an Ash-fall or Fire Storm weather condition. Ash-fall would lower Speed on all but Fighting type, and perhaps lower Accuracy as well. Fire Storm would do damage to all but Fire type while boosting their Defense.

      1. Fire Type already has Sunny Day though. Seems a bit unfair having both a defensive and offensive boost. Ash-fall could be quite nice, but perhaps has no effect on Fighting, Rock, Ground and possibly Fire?

        It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s a nice idea! 🙁

        1. True about Fire Storm. But no, I wasn’t expecting them to any of those, just entertaining the thought. 😛
          As far as Ash-fall goes, I can somewhat agree, but the reason why I think it should be Fighting alone is because they alone can “fight” against the slowing effects. Pokemon logic. >,<

    2. What about a comet storm for psychics where psychic attacks are stronger and have crit rate
      Or maybe you could have a dew-like weather move for grass. Like when you wake up and there’s dew on the grass…Although that would be a difficult one aesthetically and the effects would have to be cleverly worked out

  3. Fog for the win!
    No seriously i dont have one and i never use weather in game. I guess the best comp weather team is drought ninetales, reshiram (with blue flare), chandelure/strong grass

  4. Sunny Day is enjoyable with Cherrim boosting Tangrowth, or better when you can get Truant off Slacking. I’m not much of a competitive battler though. I’ve also had some experience with Sandstream Tyranitar-based team.
    Despite that, my favorite is Rain just because I love its look and it’s compatibly with Electric type.

  5. Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain.
    Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain.
    The dark days are gone, and the bright days are here,
    My Sunny day shines so sincere.
    Sunny day so true, I love you!

  6. Definitely sandstorm for me. Most of my team relies on the steel or ground typing so I can deal a ton of damage against my oponents.

    On a side note did anyone realize that the city for Homika’s gym might have been revealed through the Japanese anime titles on Serebii.net?

  7. I think my favorite weather condition is Fog! What a fun, enjoyable condition it is. I was super-disappointed when they removed Defog as an HM in Black and White! C’mon, what a travesty!
    In all seriousness, I like intense sunlight the best. I like getting a boost to my Fire-types.

  8. Hmm, cool question: personally weather conditions are one of my favorite added elements to the game, i live the aesthetic look outside of battles, my favorite being snow, especially diamond dust – it looks so awesome. As for in battle, sandstorm is i think the most versatile condition, it both hinders and aids so many different Pokemon compared to the other conditions.
    And as for possible new abilities i really feel that grass and flying types are lacking weather conditions, possible blowing leaves??? silly i know but its hard to think of one for grass. Flying is easier, strong wind, it could affect accuracy on all Pokemon but boost speed for flying types and maybe get rid of the turn based flying moves like fly and sky attack..oh and razor wind (even though its not a flying type it makes sense) in a similar way that sunny day does for solar beam.

  9. I know this is off topic but did anyone else realize that the city for Homika’s gym was revealed?

        1. We’re waiting for smash to air. They’ll maybe have footage of the city. Not going to make a new post right now for just a name, as smash airs in a few hours.

  10. how about instead of sunny, dusk, dusk boost anything dark type related. red sprite (that red thunder) and aurora. i know there is also rain but…. red sprite…

    1. Swift Swim + Drizzle aren’t allowed together on a team. But if you’re just talking about a Rain team without Politoed then that’s true. Swift Swim rocks. My friend tried it out once and he won 7 out of 10 times.

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