The Jungle Games: Episode 1 Results

All I can say is “wow”. We had some great submissions and the audience participation blew me away. Thanks to everyone who voted or left comments!

The people moving on to round 2 are: Shane, Kinganteros, Mechanos, Casey, Stephen, Samual, Dan, Robert, and Sammy. (Hint: That order is arbitrary and not based on score nor article number)

Unfortunately Logan and Nuza died valiantly while fighting some beedrill whose stings are particularly unpleasant. Both of them did well however, so their elimination doesn’t mean they weren’t skilled. My greatest fear when I proposed this public selection process was that feelings would get hurt. I’m happy to say that they made it into the 12 out of 40 and the articles they submitted didn’t disappoint me.

Look forward to Episode 2 coming Sunday, but be warned that it’s kind of gimmicky 😉

<3 pokejungle

ps- Tributes cannot tell you what number they were or what the next challenge is… So don’t ask 😉