5/20 Pokémon Smash Live Coverage!

An episode of Pokémon Smash will be airing pretty soon (3:30pm PST) and as per usual, we’ll be doing our live coverage of it! Check below for live updates of the episode! We’re expecting a lot of new gameplay footage from this episode so stay glued to PJN! If you’d like to watch, there’s a livestream here.

Live Coverage:

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • About to start, pokejungle shoves Ozy aside and takes over live coverage
  • Started! Old Pokemon episode will be airing
  • Episode rerun ends 🙂
  • Discussing the new ending song which premiered last week
  • Playing Pokémon Battle Chess
  • Best Wishes & Game news
  • Talking about forme changes of the Kami Trio
  • Best Wishes Season 2 poster shown
  • Board shown with “?”… new information?!
  • No… disappointment. Just showing Meloetta
  • Short gameplay footage featuring Meloetta
  • End… waiting for preview of next week
  • No BW2 gameplay shown for next week


//ozymandis & <3 pokejungle

P.S. Although I’m making this post, I wont be able to help with the coverage ’cause I have Prom tonight and need to leave for pictures/pre-party halfway through the program. I feel terrible guys, especially since my motto is Pokebros before Ho-oh’s. 🙁