The rare “self-advertisement” post

Sadly we’ve run out of news again (Smash this morning was a total disappointment) so I’ll do a “state of the site”-esque article. While pokejungle trailblazed as a Pokémon blog during the launch of Pokemon Black and White, we’re slowly but surely trying to also cement our place as a resource center as well.  I’d encourage people to use the dropdown menu above (left of our Sewaddle logo in the banner) and find some great resources on Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Just tonight I got up pages on the Gym Leaders, Characters, and Pokémon World Tournament.  Those pages will keep on expanding as more information comes and and also fill-out post-launch.

Our Pokédex/resource wiki “prof.” is also coming along nicely and I’d like to launch it alongside of Black 2 and White 2.  That’s my goal. It’ll be a great community-driven database which reflects on how I like to keep the main site a hub of reader contribution. It’ll be a little like Bulbapedia, a little like Smogon, and a whole lotta pokejungle. If it were a carbon copy of every other ‘dex out there I wouldn’t bother putting a lot of effort and time into it :p

Please REMEMBER we have:

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  • Facebook / Twitter Accounts (latest news + Ozy & pokejungle’s boring life updates)
  • A Social Stream (people who register here can have avatars and message each other AND earn achievements)
  • A Forum (Mt. Moon Community, a great discussion board with a close-knit memberbase)
  • An Oekaki (a drawing board!  Show off your talent. There’s a board for serious artists and doodles)


These posts aren’t very interesting so I’ll wrap it up, but I’m definitely looking forward to delivering “Episode 2” of The Jungle Games tomorrow! We got some great articles for you to read 😀

<3 pokejungle

ps- Summer semester starts for me tomorrow :< Luckily I only have 3 classes.

pps- Commenters: share your suggestions for the site and/or your plans for the summer (or… winter? if you live in the southern hemisphere)