Throughout Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 there are many re-occurring characters that will appear. They may aid you, battle you, or play another part in the story. Below are some of important characters revealed so far.
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That’s right, the most important person in the story is YOU! The trainers in Black 2 and White 2 both have sporty looks that appear slightly older than the protagonists of Black and White, Hilbert and Hilda. They begin their adventure from Aspertia City.


Hugh [Your Rival]

Also hailing from Aspertia City is your rival. Not much is know about his role in the story, but based on media he seems focused on battling and becoming a better trainer.



Bianca is no longer a traveling trainer, instead she helps Professor Juniper. She brings the protagonist and their rival the Pokéballs which contain the three starters, Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig.



Corless is a researcher studying the strength of Pokémon. He comments on Team Plasma’s ideals during the events of Black and White. His current allegiance is unknown, but he amiable towards the protagonist at the beginning of the game.



The champion of the Unova League during Pokemon Black and White plays a mentor role to the protagonists of Black 2 and White 2.  He is shown appearing to give the characters advice.



Since the events of Black and White, N has not been seen and even former members of Team plasma have no idea where he is.