Dae asks: Favorite Type

And we’re back. Sooner than expected. With extra opinions! I was sick the whole week, but I’m getting better now, so this article is not going to be as badly written as my last one.

There are 17 elemental types, each with a unique pool of Pokémon. Some types have stronger Pokémon than others. Older fans remember which were special and physical, before the split occured. So, tell us why you think your favorite is a good choice. And as a new addition to the series, two team members give their own opinion on the question.

pokejungle: “My favorite type, obviously, is Grass. I’ve always loved nature and I think that it carries over into gaming as well. The designs of most grass types are amazing and I really just feel a natural affinity to all of them. A few other types I like are bug & poison (more earthy nature types!) and psychic.”

Daedardus: “My favorite type is Steel. It’s such a great defensive type overall. It has many unique Pokémon, some with their own special purpose. The fact that it creates surprising type combinations which turn out really cool, makes it a type I end up using a lot.”

We are going to have some leaks soon, but in the mean time, get commenting below! I’ll be back next time with a Daely Snack, which you can look forward to after something interesting has hit.


  1. Water, hands down.

    I’ve been fascinated by the properties and the beauty of water as long as I can remember. Most water type Pokemon and attacks reflect this perfectly.

  2. Hm..I’ve become really fond of Ice types after I first used Glaceon. Though sadly in Black and White I didn’t like any of their ice types..

    But I’d have to say, my top 3 types are Ice, Water, and Physic. I always like to think those types are elegant and strong.

    1. I know. The Ice types of Gen V seemed inflated and uninspired. Not like the graceful Glaceon, Lapras, and Frolass. And then there’s Jynx >:|

      1. Urf yeah…and Cubchoo I just can’t find cute. My friend told me to look past its snot..but it just reminds me way to much like that kid, Zill, in LoZ:Windwaker that would chase you around with his snotty nose. And that just irks me. xD

        Next time I run across a Cubchoo I’m gonna catch it and name it Zill.

  3. I have always loved water types. Ice types are a close second, but water all the way! My goal is to master every water or partial water type there is. That’s why I loved when Pokemon like Palkia where you get a strong legendary and a water. This makes me excited to get a Keldeo. 😀

  4. My favorite type is definitely the Dark-type. I also love Ghost and Bug. Pokemon with Rattled can get lost.

  5. Water types are my all-time favourite. There’s just something about water that has always amazed me. I can’t really explain it, I just love them. 🙂

  6. Dark steel and Ghost 🙂 in the first gen my favourite pokemon was the Gengar line. after that in gen 2 steelix and umbreon joined. not because they are that strong but just the way they lock.

    i really love the Dusknoire line, and i hope Banette will get a evo in the furure

  7. God, i completely think same with Pokejungle! Grass ang bug are my favourite types, because i associate them with nature.

  8. My favorite type is Dark and Umbreon is my all time favorite. Something about the “look” of dark type pokemon sets them apart, and really drives the point of it not being a game only for small children.

  9. When I first started playing, my favorite was water but now it’s a tie between dark and electric. I wish the would make a combo of the two…

  10. Water then closly followed by dragon. This generation let me down on the water types tho 🙁 a carbon copy of luvdisc ? no thanks 😛

  11. i have hade 3 favorite types for many years:dark ice and dragon.the reason they are is because there are many powerful pokemon in these types (weavile,darkrai,frosslass,kyurem,hydreigon,zoroark,beartic,houndoom,larpas,walrein,etc)and they remind me of how i can feel sometimes.i cant really put a well-thought team of these types together,but i guess frosslass,weavile,walrein(or lapras),hydreigon,garchomp,and kyurem(and not because of black 2 and white 2)

  12. I have always loved Dragon types but not because of their sheer power.. because of Dragon Tamers (+Lance)…they look sooo…epic.
    In second is Psychic purely because both Espeon and Alakazam are total beasts and have unique designs…
    Finally, fighting types rock purely because of Lucario and Meinshao… now they are some cool fast hard hitting fighting types that do well in both attack categories!

  13. My favorite types are Electric and Psychic. “Long ago in days of yore” as a wise song writer began a song of his, it was originally Fire, Dark, and Ghost types. As time went on, however, I didn’t really see myself using many of those types of Pokemon. Not only that, but a few of my favorites are of the Electric or Psychic type.

    Just a few examples of those are Ampharos, Jolteon, and Zebstrika for Electric, and Alakazam, Gardevoir and Slowbro for Psychic.

  14. I’ve got this soft spot for Fire types, I always chose the Fire starter up until Piplup and Snivy (those two were just too cute to *not* get).

    In RPG games in general I’ve always had this random affinity for fire elements. Whether it’s a character class, or a weapon, or a location, I just really like fire…? :/

  15. Psychic is definitely my favourite type, because it usually has pokemon with good sp. at. and ps , not many weaknesses and a varied movepool. E.g. : Mewtwo, Metagross, Deoxys, Musharna, Gardevoir…

    Dragon is my 2nd favourite because dragons have awesome and aggresive attacks and appearance. E.g. : Giratina, Latios, Latias, Palkia, Zekrom, Kyurem, Garchomp…

    My third fav. type is normal , just because of the high ps and little weaknesses in some of them. E.g. : Chansey/Blissey ; Slaking ; Togekiss ; Regigigas…

  16. I’ve always loved Water and Psychic types. Recently, though, I’ve developed affinities for Steel and Flying types. They’re all just so cool~ o.o

  17. i used to be all about grass until i realized it was just too weak to be a viable offensive choice as well.
    then there was bug. yanma and beedrill weren’t really different enough back in the day, but unova really reinvigorated my love of bug types with so many awesome ones like scolipede, genesect, escavalier, and especially galvantula and crustle!
    now with scrafty, zoroark, krookodile, bisharp, weavile, darkrai, drapion, and hydreigon, dark is still #1 in my heart. while mainly weak, dark moves are so sneaky and sometimes surprising to the opponent and it’s fun to mess with their heads when they expect to set up screens or entry hazards and you throw out a taunt. lol

  18. I used to say Fire. But I think it was mainly because of Charizard. It’s true that I’ve always liked the fire element and always hated water but I’ve come to the conclusion that I like Dragons too much. It’s just a mythical creature that I like so much that I wished it actually existed.

    Also, recently (mainly because of Gen V), I’ve found Bug pokémon look really cool even though I don’t like real-life bugs that much…

  19. Fire, electric, and psychic are my favorite types, with electric at the forefront. I love mon’s that are fast and hard-hitting, and those three types excel at that

  20. I’m into nature as well, so that’s why Grass-types are my favorite. They have a nice variety of tricky moves, like Giga Drain, Leech Seed and Spore.

    Water-types come in second followed by Dark. I chose Water since they are abundant, powerful, and have good defenses. Plus water is cool and refreshing. And Dark-types come in third for some weird, sneaky reason. They possess high offense and look cool, too.

  21. Grass type is my favorite above all else; I’ve loved plants for longer than I can remember, and that has now developed not only into a hobby of mine, but also a key factor in choosing my starter type Pokemon. 😛 I love literally every Grass type, but above all others are Sceptile, Torterra, and Tropius. My team. <3
    Then comes Electric (Luxray, Zebstrika, Ampharos), Ice (Lapras, Glaceon, Froslass), and Dark. (Sableye, Zoroark, Hydreigon)
    I guess I like Ghost type, too. (Gengar, Spiritomb, Chandelure)

  22. Fire has always been my favorite. I love every single fire type design, and they’re pretty good in battle.

    Not close behind is Dark and Fighting ad my 2nd and 3rd favorite types

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