Dae asks: Favorite Type

And we’re back. Sooner than expected. With extra opinions! I was sick the whole week, but I’m getting better now, so this article is not going to be as badly written as my last one.

There are 17 elemental types, each with a unique pool of Pokémon. Some types have stronger Pokémon than others. Older fans remember which were special and physical, before the split occured. So, tell us why you think your favorite is a good choice. And as a new addition to the series, two team members give their own opinion on the question.

pokejungle: “My favorite type, obviously, is Grass. I’ve always loved nature and I think that it carries over into gaming as well. The designs of most grass types are amazing and I really just feel a natural affinity to all of them. A few other types I like are bug & poison (more earthy nature types!) and psychic.”

Daedardus: “My favorite type is Steel. It’s such a great defensive type overall. It has many unique Pokémon, some with their own special purpose. The fact that it creates surprising type combinations which turn out really cool, makes it a type I end up using a lot.”

We are going to have some leaks soon, but in the mean time, get commenting below! I’ll be back next time with a Daely Snack, which you can look forward to after something interesting has hit.