New +Nobunaga Bushou and Trailer

This scan, found by tkwb and AAPF, detail 3 new Bushou for + Nobunaga! Here are the translated details:

  • + Kanbeh with Lampent: Since his commander, Hideyoshi, vanished he has teamed with Hanbeh. “We do the things the things we must”
  • + Hanbeh and Pikachu: Commander Hideyoshi’s lazy Bushou. His partner is a well known Pikachu. “This is time consuming, so let’s finish quickly.”
  • + Nene (neh-neh) with Golbat: She is devoted to Nobunaga. Nene is a strong willed female Bushou. She fights with Hideyoshi against the player. “Everyone, if you fight with each other I will punish you.”

Cool, huh? I guess these really were based on historical figures because my boyfriend gave me a mini history lesson while he was translating.

<3 pokejungle