Pokémon Black & White 2: Compatible with Global Battle Union

The above image is a rare glimpse into the “PJN newsroom” (ie: group discussion on Facebook) in which all the staff communicates the latest news and I decide who will write what. As you can see, last Thursday I read that Black and White 2 would be compatible with the upcoming Season 6 of the Global Battle Union (they’re also changing the rules to make way for the games, FYI) but then I forgot about it.  Sorry.

Whether or not BW2 will be compatible with other parts of the Pokémon Global Link, including the Dream World, is yet to be confirmed. Personally I hope that they renovate the whole thing and make it a bit more fun.

What would you like to see as far as PGL features go for BW2?

<3 pokejungle

ps- What’s your favorite type?!  Don’t forget to answer our latest “Dae asks” article!

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