CoroCoro Leak! BW2 is a Brand New Story! [UPD]

The leaks for this months CoroCoro have begun, and with it a juicy piece of information that answers what many have been hoping for…


“You thought it was just a different colour?
This time it is ‘2’, an utterly different story full of impact and new features are waiting for you!”

An all new story. An all new game. Defying Pokémon history for all the right reasons.

Boxart looks amazing.

The second page, with Keldeo, tells us that it will be downloadable for BW/BW2 owners who pre-ordered movie tickets. The lvl. 15 Keldeo download will be available from June 23rd to August 31st. UPDATE: Keldeo’s moves. No other info on BW2 is in this issue of Corocoro. 🙁 (thanks to @papico028)

  • – Aqua Jet
  • – Sacred Sword
  • – Hydro Pump
  • – Close Combat



      1. maybe allie just meant the usual change of using the cartoon-y pokemon font. just giving her the benefit of the doubt. lol

        1. Ehehe, it’s just that I remember BW1 having these really cool box designs released, and when I got mine at GS it was different from what I saw online.

          I collect the boxes, so I was a bit sad that I missed out.

      2. Actually, the Japanese/International boxarts for Black and White were different; Japan’s BW boxart was lenticular, showing off that snazzy color change when Reshiram and Zekrom are “charging up.” It looks like they’re doing the same for BW2, unless the “charging up” coloring is the default.

  1. The visual impact of the electricity and flames makes me seriously wonder just how the hell they are gonna handle it o_o

    It has to stay dragon for story and concept reasons, but its also physically covered in ice at all times…

    1. Wondering about this as well.

      I’m thinking the formes will drop the ice typing. Perhaps when Kyurem is holding a certain item its forme and typing will change (like Arceus).

      1. There is likely gonna be items yea,

        but Arceus wasn’t a dragon and it was neither covered with ice armor so its not as simple as changing a type :S (imo Arceus should have been Normal/Dragon with 15 plates to go along with the Dimension trio <,…,<)

        I wouldnt be so sure of items being the trigger for forme changing.
        The important piece here is the generator. So something along Rotoms method of changing formes seems much more reasonable.

        Unless the gnerators turn out to be a creation by Team Plasma from Ns Reshiram/Zekrom DNA hurdurrrdurrr. Then I have no idea how formes would be handled outside the actual plot.

        1. I don’t think Kyurem will change forms with the use of items; I think it will be a method exclusive to Black and White 2. If Kyurem changed forms with items, those items would have to have data in Black and White, assuming Black and White are compatible with Black and White 2, which I assume they are. Since there’s no data in Black and White for any holdable items that “seemingly serve no purpose,” I’m going to assume the method by which Kyurem changes forms is something other than holding an item. I could be wrong, though.

  2. I’m glad we got “new” information. *sarcasm*

    So far they’ve given us the titles, told us they are actual sequels, then revealed art for Black and White Kyurem’s “Overdrive” modes as well as box art. My hunger is not satisfied by this, especially since there is less time to reveal information before the games are released.

    I’m hoping there is a little more than we’ve been shown, or that there is something else in the fine text.

    That said, I miss the rumor posts. I wish those would make a comeback.

    1. Yeah, I was VERY disappointed that we only got box art and no screenshots for the game at all, forcing all of us to wait 30 more days for the next issue to leak with the first screenshots while we are forced to speculate, well trolled CoroCoro, well trolled…

  3. WOW ! This is amazing they really did a great job on the boxart 😀 the rumor of a Brand new story fingers crossed will hopefully be true &.& 😀

  4. goddammit! I guess they might make them dragon or ice and part electric/fire now…
    Curious is that tentacle-like things come from its icy spikes and attach to the tails to get power… like a freakin’ alien parasite or something…

  5. Now this is something I have been waiting for! People can argue and bash on this gen, but this game is really gonna take Pokemon to a greater level, it’s something we needed to spice up the game for a while now…at least I think so. Sure it’s fun having a 3rd installment with little change to the story except the legendaries. But a new story? YES PLEASE. Oh man I really hope they give us more story on N this time, I haven’t felt attached to the Pokemon characters in a long time and they certainly pulled that off for me with this gen.

    tl;dr? IM SUPER EXCITED. Plus that box art, gorgeous. My body is ready. ಥ_ಥ

    1. I know, its a SEQUEL! In the same region and generation!!
      I think N will obviously play a major role, but not as a villain. If the games continue from the previous, it means N has one of the dragons, and I’m guessing both will be needed for Kyurem to go crazy.
      And here’s a way of seeing how awesome the game will be: GSC/HGSS basically had a second story after Johto. And those were awesome. I’m quite sure HGSS would be my absolute favourites if I ever got down to completing one of them.
      Now think of BW2 as the Kanto part of HGSS, except instead of releasing it as the same game, they’ve released it just under 2 years after the game, and it has a full cartridge for itself, with probably lots more features cause it had ample time for feedback, without needing to develop a new generation.

      I’m wondering how they’ll handle the whole sequel thing though. Will you start from the beginning (pokemon-wise), or will there be some sort of whole-pokemon transfer mechanism and you’ll continue from the previous game?

  6. At first I wasn’t very excited for bw2 but now that they say it’s going to be a lot different, I am excited! I just hope that there are huge differences so that you can notably contrast the two. Well 4 I guess.

  7. I am glad that these are SEQUELS and not simply enhanced remakes of the first two games in the generation. Ruby and Sapphire were garbage compared to Emerald. Diamond and Pearl were garbage compared to Platinum. People spent and wasted their money on games that would later be released as different versions with enhanced features. The only thing that made people buy the original games is that certain pokemon are only obtainable in one of those versions.Very little aspects of the overall storyline or gameplay changed.

    If Black 2 and White 2 have a completely different and unique story from their predecessor games, this should already be a reason to buy them both. I hope that Black 2 and White 2 expand on the wild encounter rates of pokemon when you encounter special field changes (water ripples, sand storms, etc.) It was bad that the only pokemon you can catch in the sand clouds in BW were Drilbur and Excadrill, or Ducklett and Swanna when those feathers dropped. It would have been an awesome addition if there was more variety of pokemon to encounter in these special field changes.

    Also more challenging gym leaders, please!

  8. No more info on B2/W2, just the boxarts and that’s it? With the next page being about that Noabunga thing instead? I WANT SCREENSHOTS NOW!!!

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