CoroCoro Leak! BW2 is a Brand New Story! [UPD]

The leaks for this months CoroCoro have begun, and with it a juicy piece of information that answers what many have been hoping for…


“You thought it was just a different colour?
This time it is ‘2’, an utterly different story full of impact and new features are waiting for you!”

An all new story. An all new game. Defying Pokémon history for all the right reasons.

Boxart looks amazing.

The second page, with Keldeo, tells us that it will be downloadable for BW/BW2 owners who pre-ordered movie tickets. The lvl. 15 Keldeo download will be available from June 23rd to August 31st. UPDATE: Keldeo’s moves. No other info on BW2 is in this issue of Corocoro. 🙁 (thanks to @papico028)

  • – Aqua Jet
  • – Sacred Sword
  • – Hydro Pump
  • – Close Combat