Hey Guys, It’s been awhile, but it’s me NL! Emifull.jp(a website that introduces movies) has released a picture of what looks like a poster for this year’s Pokemon movie. As you can see, Kyurem apparently has 2 different forms. Based on appearances, Kyurem will probably combine with Reshiram or Zekrom.(Ice Burn and Freeze Shock?)

Meloetta is apparently a short film, as shown at the bottom of the picture(Title: Meloetta’s Bright Recital). To me this means that next year’s movie will be about Genosect, but we’ll soon enough if that’s true or not. 😀

Remember, this is not 100% confirmed, but I think this is what the Pokemon Smash announcement is going to be!


  • temporario23

    I hope its fake… I wanted Kyurem to have 1 new forme… 2 is too much… and Meloetta being in the poster is even more suspicious…

    • NL

      I’d say it’s 95% real.

    • the incredible oak

      If it makes you feel any better, being combined with another pokemon adds up to about half a form each. :0


    I might have just ejaculated.

  • Great! Finally some substantial news 🙂

  • ruipt

    I always though to myself that kyurem would have two forms to set him apart of giratina, but I really hope this scan is fake. those forms are hideous. about melloeta, I really couldn’t care less.

  • oh wow this is better than what i thought wouldve happened 😮 im excited for gray now ^-^

  • and it does make sense now! since people said that kyurem looks incomplete i guess reshiram and zekrom were his “other half” how cute 😀

  • i luv the idea if it true i will b so happy

  • Rich

    Well if you read the mythology of the dragons in the game and in the pokedex it always seems to say things like two dragons born from “one”

  • Reece

    im wondering how/what makes it change form

    • Paul

      Maybe it is when kyurem uses glaciate it turns into
      White kyurem and to reverse that use freeze flare (new move)
      When it wants to turn in black kyurem it uses frozen wings (new move)
      And to reverse that use freeze bolt.
      I would always use glaciate and never use freeze flare.

  • Zoroark8

    it is real. if u go to pokemon.com (the official one) its right there.

  • Paul

    Or it is that with each game you get an special item
    that Will cause the form change.
    You cant obtain both of them in the Same game
    N controles both reshiram an zekrom, you Will
    get kyurem and the item, but how could you defeat it?
    Palkia will appear in front of you and your friend
    He will get kyurem and the other item from another
    dimension and dissapear, then the first event should
    be an palkia with an new move called dimension portal
    Of course this battle with N would be an double battle

  • Paul

    Black kyurem is just crap but white kyurem is genius