2/22 Nintendo Direct (JP/EU/US): News

The press conference has now finished! Biggest news is that “Pokémon Plus Nobunaga” (working English title) is “to be confirmed” for Europe.  Not good, not bad… hope they localize it. Games Discussed: Kid Icarus: Multiplayer details Fire Emblem 3DS: Opening cinematic shown, DLC details Nobunaga’s Ambition: Extended TV trailer Mario Tennis Open: Trailer, download play … Read more

Today At E3…

  As I think all you all know, today was Nintendo’s E3 conference! And unfortunately, other then a little 3DS Pokedex App shout-out there wasn’t any Pokemon related news…BUT that doesn’t mean Nintendo didn’t blow us away with something even bigger! Presenting the Wii U! Previously known as Project Cafe, this next-generation Wii comes with … Read more