2/22 Nintendo Direct (JP/EU/US): News

The press conference has now finished! Biggest news is that “Pokémon Plus Nobunaga” (working English title) is “to be confirmed” for Europe.  Not good, not bad… hope they localize it.

Games Discussed:

  1. Kid Icarus: Multiplayer details
  2. Fire Emblem 3DS: Opening cinematic shown, DLC details
  3. Nobunaga’s Ambition: Extended TV trailer
  4. Mario Tennis Open: Trailer, download play available
  5.  Fatal Frame Wii
  6. Culdcept: New card/boardgame for 3DS
  7. Soccer Game
  8. KH3D:Dream Drop Distance: Pet system! Cute!
  9. Rune Factory 4
  10. DQ Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland
  11.  Denpa Ningen RPG: Genius Sonority 3DS title
  12. The Rolling Western
  13. Sega’s Game Gear titles coming to eShop
  14. Sekai-jyu: Atlus 3DS title
  15. New Brain Training game
Pokemon News:
  • – Nobunaga’s Ambition has over 200hrs of gameplay according to press conference
  • – Nobunaga’s Ambition’s section of the stream was translated in the EU version (Calling the game Pokemon Plus Nobunaga). No other new details were shown other than saying that  “European plans are to be confirmed”.
  • – Nintendo of America didn’t reveal anything related to Nobunaga’s Ambition, meaning we have to wait until a later date to know if it’s coming to the States.

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