Huge Announcement from Masuda on Pokémon Smash 2/26

I guess it’s official, something major will be announced on Sunday! Pokémon Gray/Grey?  We’ll have to see!  Here’s my translation of Masuda’s tweet: On Sunday the 26th’s Pokémon Smash! Masuda will make an appearance. There’ll be a huge announcement, so you must not miss it! Everyone please retweet and blog this! Hope you watch it! Wow, … Read more

RUMOR: Pokémon Grey/Gray to be Announced Sunday? (UPD)

First off, I’m kind of annoyed we aren’t the first English site to break this because one of our translators, NL, finished summing this up for me many hours ago :<  We were not working from the (now surfaced) video of the interview, but actually 2ch postings.  Now I’ve learned my lesson about waiting until … Read more

Ruby and Sapphire Remakes hinted by Masuda

Juinchi Masudo recently opened a Twitter[→] to increase interaction with his fans.  Recently some sites, including our Japanese affiliate Shell Spider, have caught some interesting news about the Ruby and Sapphire being very important works and would take the request for a remake into consideration.  NICE.  Hopefully his words aren’t just talk and there’s someone … Read more