RUMOR: Pokémon Grey/Gray to be Announced Sunday? (UPD)

First off, I’m kind of annoyed we aren’t the first English site to break this because one of our translators, NL, finished summing this up for me many hours ago :<  We were not working from the (now surfaced) video of the interview, but actually 2ch postings.  Now I’ve learned my lesson about waiting until I get home from work for this stuff…

Anyways, Pokémon Centers in Japan have been hosting famed Pokémon director/designer Junichi Masuda for Q&A time with fans.  In one of the latest stops a fan asked about the followup to Pokémon Black and White, to which Masuda told the audience to catch the next episode of ‘Pokémon Smash’ (a Japanese TV show aired on Sundays aimed at young children). Later, Masuda tweeted that people could also follow his twitter for information if they didn’t catch the episode.

May not be an official announcement of a new title, but could be the start of a promotional campaign leading up to the reveal.  We’ll see soon enough 🙂

<3 pokejungle

ps- Hope many more rumors show up in the coming months!

UPD: Want to win a $10 DSi/3DS eShop giftcard?!  Guess when Grey/Gray will be announced!  This is a contest run by a forum member, details are here! 😀 (Also: an error that had prevented people from registering has now been fixed)