Seriously? 4 MILLION?! (+ Shaymin Contest Winners!)

In June 2010, I moved PJN from an archaic HTML based site to a full-fledged WordPress powered blog in order to cover news more effectively.  It’s been been a little over 20 months since then, but we’ve just hit a total of over 4 million views.  HOLY.  CRAP.  Serebii may get that in, oh, a day, but unlike his mega-site we basically just serve news.  We’ve also had a total of almost 500,000 unique people visit the site!  This is cool news for me, and I hope that you guys feel proud that you’re part of those numbers and what keeps the site going… even when all I have to report is an animated sewaddle graphic.

However, I won’t waste your time with just that.  Shaymin Gratitude Giveaway winners are ready to be announced! All winners have been emailed (PJN) or PM’d (MMC).  I’m not some kind of psycho who would make people check the site again to see if they won :p

From PJN:

  1. [Shaymin] W1N570N
  2. [Shaymin] Everest
  3. [Tornadus] SoloIceOwl

From MMC:

  1. [Shaymin] Dorsky
  2. [Shaymin] Poseidon
  3. [Thundurus] Platygeist

<3 pokejungle

ps- Now off to make dinner & reply to those of you who commented on the last post 🙂