Good evening… (or, most likely, morning!)

Going to sleep in the next few minutes zzz.  Just wanted to touch base though 🙂  Sometimes I like to have a heart-to-heart post to you guys so you know what’s going on behind the scenes here.

  • Sewaddle: It’s from the ketai (cellphone) strap I bought at the Pokemon Center yesterday.  Adorable huh?!  I’m not much of a nerd as far as anime/manga goes, but I’m not afraid to indulge in Pokemon merchandise sometimes haha.  My iPhone has an N strap and now with this sewaddle clipped on as well.  If you’re in Tokyo and you see a guy with this on his iPhone… IT’S ME (maybe).  I posted a pic of the Pkmn Center visit on our Twitter.  Follow?
  • P2Cast: On hold.  Underestimated the amount of time I have to sit down in front of my computer.  Maybe it’s that if I don’t work then I’m not worried about putting clothes on and if I do work then I come home looking like a worn out Pidove
  • Prof. (wiki): Looking forward to putting a lot more time in this soon 🙂 Really want us to have a community based resource!
  • Upcoming articles: Tomorrow I’m planning to start a new series called Meet the Bushou. Each article will introduce 3 of the Bushou that have been revealed.  We’ll start from the newest that have been revealed 🙂

Yup.  That’s about it.  Hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day.  Would love to hear answers to any (all?) of these questions in the comments: How are you today?, How can we improve pokejungle?, How was your Valentine’s Day?, and finally… What is your least favorite Pokemon?

<3 pokejungle

ps- Seriously.  I didn’t spend 2 minutes typing those questions out for naught.  🙁  I want to read some good posts! I’ll try to reply to everyone who comments on this post 😉

  1. Well, you can start with firing the one that does all these ‘dae asks’. They really suck, I hate his writing and he’s a total douchebag.

    Also, I don’t like sewaddle.

  2. The Bushou posts will be quite interesting seeing how I love stuff about Japan and their culture.
    1) I’m good today… little bit of a headache but I took drugs to sort that out 😉 (yeah if Neuromol counts then call me a drug dealer(!))
    2) Nothing to improve Pokejungle… it’s already good
    3) I did absolutely NOTHING on Valentines day…nothing really to do in my area at half term
    4) My least favourite Pokemon is probably Wobbuffet seeing as in Pokemon Diamond, at the battle tower, it showed up alot and magically used either counter/mirror coat and defeated my Infernape many a’ time

  3. It’s SO CUTE. asadflkdjfg
    I was forever alone on Valentines day. What else is new? xD

    I went bowling today for a school field trip, and spilled over some soda..but hey: Spilled drink, Got Pizza. Made my day. xD

    One thing to do with the site…is fix the comments, it gets confusing and takes a second look to see who wrote what.

    Least favorite Pokemon is defiantly Probopass. I mean just WHAT WENT WRONG. It’s like..every time I see someone complain about new Pokemon..I want to direct them to Probopass. Just UGH! (sorry to you Probopass fans)

      1. The most annoying thing is that the reply box is at the bottom instead of appearing beneath the comment you’re replying to. I can get used to names beneath comments, so that is not the biggest problem.

    1. As for your questions, which I totally didn’t ignore:

      How are you today?
      I think I’m coming down with the flu, so I feel pretty crappy. 🙁 But I bought some hair dye today, which I’m happy about. 🙂

      How can we improve poke jungle?
      I can’t think of anything that’s wrong? I do miss when you guys posted fun rumors and we speculated about them, but I understand that without a big game release like BW, there won’t be many rumors.

      How was your Valentine’s Day?
      I hung out with friends. 🙂 And my birthday was the day after, which was really fun! A friend and I built a blanket fort in one of the dorm lounges and we watched movies. 🙂

      What is your least favorite Pokemon?
      Um… I’d have to say Druddigon. Its design looks really haphazard. :/

    2. Well, I had to attach the strap to my iPhone case since it doesn’t have any place to attach…

  4. Pokejungle is amazing and by far my favorite site. There is really nothing that needs improvement. Valentines day was boring. I think my least favorite pokemon is Masquerain. I feel like they changed an interesting typing like Surskit and went back to the generic bug/flying. Today has been pretty laid back. Keep up the great work on the site! 🙂

  5. This question would have been more interesting;
    Pick a least favourite pokemon.
    Then go check bulbapedias origin on it,
    And take a good look at its Sugimori art.
    Do you like it more now?

    There could actually be articles in this style D:

      1. No seriosly, Bronzor/Bronzong could be a starting article, since most people think their designs are just random wtf, while they are actually based on an interesting story about a cursed bronze mirror used to create a bell…

          1. I could argue how nothing is ever original but the world is not ready for that..

            Bulbapedia didnt come up with the japanese myth that Bronzong is based on.

            It was just an example anyways.

            I get the feeling people are missing out by disliking certain pokemon off hand for no reason and thought something in this direction would be cool for a change.

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