Ruby and Sapphire Remakes hinted by Masuda

Juinchi Masudo recently opened a Twitter[→] to increase interaction with his fans.  Recently some sites, including our Japanese affiliate Shell Spider, have caught some interesting news about the Ruby and Sapphire being very important works and would take the request for a remake into consideration.  NICE.  Hopefully his words aren’t just talk and there’s someone already on his team designing the next games: MagmaRuby and AquaSapphire. Thanks GroudonMaster for also sending us a tip!  WE LOVE NEWS TIPS!

Stuff on the site that will get done tomorrow:

  • Disable mobile plugin (it’s not working, sorry folks)
  • Add ‘Games’ section and consolidate the menus into there
  • Put up ‘Pokemon Scramble’ page with information
  • Achievements are already back up!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Want to see this on the 3DS or the regular DS(i)?  Sound off in the comments.  ALSO: HaPpY bIrThDaYs To TwO oF oUr SpEcIaL wRiTeRs: OZY AND DAE!!!

  1. *squeals* YES!!! 😀 I have been waiting for a solid hint on RSEmakes for what feels like forever!

    I really want these to stay on the DS family for now, mostly because I don’t want to go buy a new game system ATM, I’ve already got to deal with my bill for next semester’s classes… Also because I don’t like the idea of a generation being broken up between devices. But mostly because I don’t feel like buying a 3DS yet.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ozy and Dae! 😀 Go eat some cake or something!

  2. Yes, Junichi Masuda! I want RS to be remade because Sapphire is the first Pokemon game I ever played.
    Also, please make it playable from the DS. I’m not planning to buy a 3DS until next year.

    Me mizzed Mudkipz!
    Oh, and I’m looking forward to the Trainers’ redesign, especially the gym leaders.

    1. good news then, this game wouldnt even be released until next year, and thats only in japanese.

  3. Let’s hope it’s true. 3rd gen is always the butt monkey of complains, but Hoenn had it’s charm and Emerald did an awesome job combining Ruby & Sapphire into one. I hope it will be on the DS(I), don’t care much about the 3DS and main series pokemon games should be released on the 3DS when it actually has some more success.

  4. I was a huge 2nd Gen fan, but I’m now finding myself liking 3rd gen Hoenn’s storyline the best of all the series along with the upgrades it brought about.

    I can see 3rd gen making a comeback with berry-planting still a part of that region though the Contest Halls / Battle Tents / Battle Frontier would be interesting to see how that comes about.

    Frankly, I’d rather the storyline be Emerald’s – leave catching Kyogre/Groudon to both games ala Ho-oh/Lugia, but they can still retain their box art position. Perhaps the Emerald storyline could alternate the team locales based on the game. So whereas Team Aqua was in Petalburg Woods & Rusturf Tunnel in Sapphire/Emerald, in the Remakes Magma could take that spot in the Ruby game. Essentially Ruby could be Emerald with the minor-incident teams reversed (leaving the major plot areas such as Mt. Chimney the same).

    That and we’d be able to see all the starter evolutionary stages; May/Brendan would actually have the final form instead of just the first form.

  5. Hmmm…
    Fisrt of all… happy birthday to Dae & Ozy… go get your birthday cake prop in black/white 😉
    Second… 3DS=More money but DS=less money and more sales…. It would make more sense for them to release this on the DS then start either Grey/6th gen on the 3DS

  6. YES!!!! Finally some type of closer. I loved Hoenn it was the 1st time I ever got the whole set (R|S|E) I lost my Sapphire though but I still have my Ruby and Emerald. Back on topic I’m getting both games again so now it’s time to start building my teams. I plan on using pokemon I never used before with the exception of the starters since I’ve used all of them before. I’m happy now 🙂

  7. JAHU used PRESENT!


    DAE and OZY fainted…whoops…

    Re: achievements — If you’ve already met the requirements for the new achievements, but before they came out, do you have to re-earn them? (i.e. for Togetic, would you need to get 15 MORE friends in addition to the 15+ you already had?)

    Re: RSRemakes — URGH. This news makes me feel so OLD. As much as I’d love to be able to run around Hoenn in 3D, it makes me feel like I’m a living fossil or something. >_<

  8. OMG! OMG! I was simultaneously praying for something yesterday, Pokemon news has been so dry lately. This is great. Thank you God!

    Two years to wait though BUT Grey will follow the year after so it’s all good =D

  9. Happy B-Days guys (Not that crazy, if for evey 23 people, 2 to share a birthday), but anyways I side track.

    R/S remakes, huh? Back to Rock as gym #1, back to berry planting, back to Hoenn, hello to seeing my first game re-made. Yeah, I’m getting old.

    1. Not really. The DS and DSi and DSXL or whatever aren’t actually aging that quickly. Especially since Black and White were just released for them a few months ago. And those titles aren’t stand-alone titles, mind. Nintendo is clearly planning on using their Pokemon franchise to stretch out the life of the DS family of systems as long as possible, which I have no problems with. If these Ruby/Sapphire remakes were released on the 3DS, they wouldn’t be compatible with Black and White. Where’s the logic in that? Also, YES! I love 3rd Gen! Especially the idea of seeing them with updated graphics… that’s an amazing thought.

      1. They’re not planning on doing anything with the DS. It’s a obsoleted system that’s had its last breath of Nintendo properties (Zelda Four Swords & Kirby Mass Attack) everything else is being made for the 3DS. Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, Mario Kart and even Pokémon spinoff titles are all either released or in development for the 3DS.

        They’re putting all their resources into promoting the 3DS with popular games.

        1. That’s… really not true. At all. Need I remind you that the Pokemon games are ALL going to be released on the DS during the 5th gen? Also, the DS isn’t “obsolete.” It’s been surpassed, sure, but it’s not out of common usage. GameBoy? That’s obsolete. But the DS is not. Games (Pokemon games, mind you) are still being released for the DS. And like I said, any more games in the 5th Gen (like these remakes) have to be on the DS, because they wouldn’t be compatible with Black and White otherwise. So, no, they’re not pouring all their resources into the 3DS. They’re using Pokemon, the second best-selling franchise OF ALL TIME, to stretch out the life of the DS.

  10. I would pick them up but don’t release it for DS(LIte/i(XL)) or if you do then at least make the 3DS version full 3D and make it have kick ass graphics.

  11. Really awesome news! Can’t wait to here more about this in the future! 😀
    Hmm…I’m not going to be picky about which ever system this goes on…it would be a nice showcase to bring this on the 3DS, and a great way to bring back the game imo. But right now there are more people with a regular DS system so it’ll probably be better on that instead of the 3DS…either way is fine with me. 😀

    And of course happy birthday Dae, and Happy Birthday awesome fake internet son Ozy. 😀 Hope you guys have a nice one! :>

  12. Yes! This is the news I was hoping for. 😀

    I think they should be sold for DS(i) so people who aren’t interested in a 3DS (or they cannot get it) but are interested in this game are available to buy it.

  13. Please, please, PLEASE be for the 3DS. Sure, everyone has a DS, but it has to die eventually and what better way to draw in a huge amount of consumers than release flagship remakes on the 3ds???
    I have an itch for some real 3D Pokemon games (Getting Rumble, buuuuut…). Can’t wait for these!!!

    1. Sorry, but the remakes can’t be on the 3DS, because they wouldn’t be compatible with Black and White if they were on the 3DS. Still, you have a lot of shiny 3D spinoff games to look forward to! 🙂

      1. How do we know that 3DS and DS games won’t be compatible? They did it for GBA and DS games, didn’t they? Or are the wireless connections totally different?

        1. Actually, the GBA and the DS are incompatible. You can play GBA games on a DS, but you can’t communicate between a DS game and a GBA game. For example, you can’t trade between Ruby and Diamond. In the same way, you can’t trade between a DS game and a 3DS game. They might do the “transfer” thing, like Pal Park, but that seems a little ridiculous, because it still makes all communications one-way.

    1. I did (am subscribed on Google Reader), but the fact that Masuda replied to a twitter account named RS_remake (or something similar) was bound to draw eyes to the subject and get people talking. His actual response just acknowledged they were good games and dear to him, but… 😉

      1. So, that means he hasn’t scrapped the idea before it came to fruitation. It’s good news!

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