Ruby and Sapphire Remakes hinted by Masuda

Juinchi Masudo recently opened a Twitter[→] to increase interaction with his fans.  Recently some sites, including our Japanese affiliate Shell Spider, have caught some interesting news about the Ruby and Sapphire being very important works and would take the request for a remake into consideration.  NICE.  Hopefully his words aren’t just talk and there’s someone already on his team designing the next games: MagmaRuby and AquaSapphire. Thanks GroudonMaster for also sending us a tip!  WE LOVE NEWS TIPS!

Stuff on the site that will get done tomorrow:

  • Disable mobile plugin (it’s not working, sorry folks)
  • Add ‘Games’ section and consolidate the menus into there
  • Put up ‘Pokemon Scramble’ page with information
  • Achievements are already back up!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Want to see this on the 3DS or the regular DS(i)?  Sound off in the comments.  ALSO: HaPpY bIrThDaYs To TwO oF oUr SpEcIaL wRiTeRs: OZY AND DAE!!!