September CoroCoro Leaking [UPD]

Following the soft reveal of a blurry Lycanroc Dusk Form on the front cover, pages from Japanese comic magazine, CoroCoro, have begun to leak and contain information about the new form! UPDATE: We finally have clearer images of the CoroCoro leaks and can confirm the following info: There will be a “Special Rockruff” distribution for Pokémon Ultra Sun … Read more

CoroCoro Cover Teases New Lycanroc Form? (UPD)

The first images of CoroCoro have begun to surface! As per usual, the cover is first to appear. And upon closer inspection there’s something that looks incredibly Lycanroc-like – albeit with a different color palette and, most notably, green eyes. This is not confirmed to be related to Pokémon in anyway as of yet, however … Read more

Lycanroc Hinted to be Getting New Form(s)

The anime recently ended its weekly airing in Japan and teased the potential evolution of Ash’s Rockruff. There are several things that point towards a new form, or forms, for its evolution Lycanroc. Here’s what we’ve found: CLUE 1: Evolution takes place at dusk Based on the latest anime preview, it seems that Rockruff is … Read more