Lycanroc Hinted to be Getting New Form(s)

The anime recently ended its weekly airing in Japan and teased the potential evolution of Ash’s Rockruff. There are several things that point towards a new form, or forms, for its evolution Lycanroc. Here’s what we’ve found:

CLUE 1: Evolution takes place at dusk

Based on the latest anime preview, it seems that Rockruff is beginning to evolve at neither day or night, but at dusk. This is played up as the sun straddles the horizon and Rockruff looks into the light as a strange green energy seems to illuminate its eyes. I’ve made a GIF so you can watch it below (but the full trailer is also on YouTube).

CLUE 2: Mystery products still unrevealed

We’ve posted about mysterious product listings before and there is also a new anime-related plush set to be announced on August 10… the same day next week’s episode will air.

CLUE 3: Pokémon Global Link placeholder image

Another mysterious piece of the puzzle comes from an image off the Pokémon Global Link website which lists Lycanroc as having not 2, but 4 forms. Could there be dawn and dusk forms coming as well? It seems to make sense based off of what the anime is showing us.

We don’t know how this mystery will end, so keep your eyes peeled for more new information coming soon! Would you like to see more Lycanroc forms?!