CoroCoro Cover Teases New Lycanroc Form? (UPD)

The first images of CoroCoro have begun to surface!

As per usual, the cover is first to appear. And upon closer inspection there’s something that looks incredibly Lycanroc-like – albeit with a different color palette and, most notably, green eyes.

This is not confirmed to be related to Pokémon in anyway as of yet, however the similarities are simply uncanny.

Time to weigh in your thoughts! Pokémon, or nah? Are we looking at a dusk/dawn Lycanroc form? Maybe Ash-Lycanroc? And are those Necrozma-like extensions coming out of it?

UPDATE: Shigeru Omori will be appearing on tomorrow’s episode of Pokénchi with the latest news about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! It will air at 8AM Japan Standard Time, so check your local Google search bar to make sure you’re up and ON OUR SITE for the latest info regarding what is revealed. Due to the nature of the games’ international release, an English trailer could even be simultaneously be released – but we’ll have to wait and see!