Moltres Soars Into Pokémon GO!

Moltres is finally available in Pokémon GO!

From now until August 7th you’ll be able to encounter and catch Moltres via Legendary Raid battles. It’s only available for a short time, so be sure to get out there, find a group of trainers, and catch it while you can!

To help you defeat this legendary Fire/Flying-Type here are the top 5 best counters to help you conquer it in battle:

Rock Throw / Stone Edge

Bite / Stone Edge

Water Gun / Hydro Pump

Dragon Tail / Hydro Pump

Rock Throw / Rock Slide

And if you’re lucky enough to catch Moltres, here’s a quick list of the top three movesets for Moltres so you can use your Fast and Charged TMs to the fullest:

  • Fire Spin / Overheat
  • Fire Spin / Fire Blast
  • Fire Spin / Heat Wave