Moltres is finally available in Pokémon GO!

From now until August 7th you’ll be able to encounter and catch Moltres via Legendary Raid battles. It’s only available for a short time, so be sure to get out there, find a group of trainers, and catch it while you can!

To help you defeat this legendary Fire/Flying-Type here are the top 5 best counters to help you conquer it in battle:

Rock Throw / Stone Edge

Bite / Stone Edge

Water Gun / Hydro Pump

Dragon Tail / Hydro Pump

Rock Throw / Rock Slide

And if you’re lucky enough to catch Moltres, here’s a quick list of the top three movesets for Moltres so you can use your Fast and Charged TMs to the fullest:

  • Fire Spin / Overheat
  • Fire Spin / Fire Blast
  • Fire Spin / Heat Wave