Lugia Soars Back into GO and Brings…Facebook?!

Almost a year after the end of its reign, a Legendary Pokémon is returning to Pokémon GO! Starting later today Lugia will return to Raid Battles in Pokémon GO! As well as giving players who missed catching the Psychic/Flying-type Legendary a second chance, all Lugia caught up until its exit on April 2nd will know … Read more

Start, End Dates for Legendary Bird Trio Announced for GO

Niantic has announced the official start and end dates for the original legendary bird trio in Pokémon GO via twitter! Articuno: now until July 31st Moltres: July 31st to August 7th Zapdos: August 7th to August 14th Like Articuno and Lugia, Moltres and Zapdos will only be encountered and caught via Legendary Raid Battles. Each … Read more

Articuno Available for a ‘Brief’ Period, Reward Extension in GO

The Pokémon Company has released an official, albeit unclear, statement regarding legendaries in Pokémon GO.   Up until now, details on how long legendaries Lugia and Articuno would be available have been scarce to none. And although no concrete end date was given, TPCi stated that Articuno “will appear at Gyms for a brief while.” … Read more