Lugia Soars Back into GO and Brings…Facebook?!

Almost a year after the end of its reign, a Legendary Pokémon is returning to Pokémon GO!

Starting later today Lugia will return to Raid Battles in Pokémon GO! As well as giving players who missed catching the Psychic/Flying-type Legendary a second chance, all Lugia caught up until its exit on April 2nd will know the new and improved Flying-type move: Sky Attack!

UPDATE: Reports of encountering shiny Lugia after the Raid Battle are flooding in from across the glove!

In addition, Niantic is beginning to roll out linking and logging into Pokémon GO via Facebook! This update will also allow you to link your GO account to multiple social media accounts (Google and Facebook), giving you more options to log in and help preserve your progress across devices. You’ll be able to toggle these options under Settings once it goes live.

TPCi isn’t pulling the stops with these Everyone’s Story/Lugia promotions!