New Conquest Passwords! [UPD: More Passwords]

  The Official Pokemon Conquest site has updated with two new codes for rare Pokemon within the game. DNB3x2gCgk unlocks the fire-ape Chimchar, whilst 8rf3XPwvJw unlocks the dark-dragon, Deino. These two codes work on European, American and Australia games but remember that these codes also only work once! As a reminder for those of you who haven’t gotten previous Pokemon codes, frCLRpXG88 allows … Read more

PSA: Pokémon Conquest Released In Europe

A quick reminder to all European readers, go as fast as you can to the nearest game store, as Pokémon Conquest finally released today. It got rave reviews, giving you no excuse to skip over this gem of a spin-off. In addition to that, a password for the European game has been released, giving you … Read more

Porygon Comes to Europe!

To tie in with the new and improved Global Link, Eurogamer has released a password for a downloadable Porygon with the Hidden Ability; Analytic. The password for this is PORYEUROGAMERNET. Following this is a Porygon-2 Pokemon Doll to decorate your Dream World house with. This doll has no password for it. And lastly, the Porygon-Z … Read more

Pokémon Conquest European Release + Possible BW2 Date

The official site has confirmed that Pokémon Conquest will be coming to Europe very soon. How soon? Well, the date’s pinned down as July 27th. That’s less than a month from now! Now for a more exciting part: this date was leaked earlier by an Italian Pokécommunity board. In addition to that, they said Black … Read more

PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond (UPD: HD English Trailer!)

  httpv:// The official English name has been revealed!  No boxart yet though 🙁 America will get the game on February 27th, 2012 while Europe will get the game the following March. We’ll bring you anymore news/images as it pops up 😀 How many of you are looking to buy it?  I’m honestly curious.  Looks like it … Read more

Europe Gets ‘Carnival’ PokeMusical

Europeans everywhere are rejoicing because of their new download available on the Global Link. The Pokemon Musical system, a much appreciated replacement for the archaic ‘Contests’ forced upon us in Generation III, have different songs available to “dance” to; this download is for the Pokemon Carnival song. The password is EUPGLMUSICAL11. WOW! I know many of you … Read more