Pokémon Conquest European Release + Possible BW2 Date

The official site has confirmed that Pokémon Conquest will be coming to Europe very soon. How soon? Well, the date’s pinned down as July 27th. That’s less than a month from now!

Now for a more exciting part: this date was leaked earlier by an Italian Pokécommunity board. In addition to that, they said Black & White 2 would launch October 12th in Europe. I was first reluctant to post this because I couldn’t find confirmation, but the official site updating with part of the news sounds good enough to me. This is however not 100% confirmed, so be warned.

Happy to see that it’s finally coming over? Do you believe the BW2 date’s true? Discuss it all in the comments below! On an slightly related note, my birthday’s on October 12th, so it would be nice if it turns out to be true.


  1. Yay for Europe… I’m sooo gonna get Conquest when it comes out and as for the sequels, White 2 first then Black 2 later when I’ve figured out what my team will be

  2. i think the BW2 release date may be true, because around that time, the new season for pokemon black and white 2 starts.

  3. Do European games usually come out on a Friday? I thought B2W2 would be a Sunday release.

    1. Yes we always get games on a Friday except when it’s a worldwide release like Gears of War or Call of Duty. We also get most films on a Friday as well.

    2. Friday is a holy day for Islam
      Saturday is a holy day for Judaism
      Sunday is a holy day for Christianity
      And these have nothing to do with game releases

  4. Pokemon Conquest at last! I was getting worried!
    Hope that date for B2W2 is true, was expecting something closer to Winter.

  5. Has anyone checked to see if the Type Chart really was changed? No one ever confirmed of denied it so I’m really curious.

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