Pokémon Black 2 & White 2: ENGLISH RELEASE DATES!

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  • US Release: October 7th, 2012
  • European Release: October 12th, 2012
  • Pokémon Dream Radar to be released same day as BW2
  • PokéWood is now PokéStar Studios
  • Shizui’s English name is Marlon
  • Rival’s name is Hugh
  • Achroma’s name is Corless
  • Dream World locations will change based on the type of the Pokémon you tucked in



<3 pokejungle


    1. Marlin is a fish and fish are totally fly, just like Marlon. It makes sense if you think fish are the cat’s pyjamas.

  1. Any one know anything about any Australian release dates???????? any game release dates would be fine 🙂

  2. I was actually expecting his name to be based on Hawaii, like Kai or something (wich means sea).

  3. wow the 7th? thats a lot earlier than i was thinking, i thought it’d be around the end of october….ah well thats better lol.

  4. You can still change your rival’s name, correct? No offense to Nintendo of America, but Hugh isn’t a very intimidating name…

    1. That’s his Japanese name as well. Well, if you want pure romanization that is.

  5. Btw I was wondering this, but can you send a key from a Japanese game to a European or American one? Or is that still unclear?

        1. Are you Turkish too? Cool! But I don’t really think they would use a word known only to one language…

    1. Where has it been confirmed? I don’t think they showed it in the video.
      I heard it’s just a rumor. I really hope that’s all it is.
      Supposedly, Akuroma’s name will actually remain the same, Achroma. It’s just not in romaji. But, this is also a rumor.

      Achroma > Corless.
      Corless makes me kinda cringe a bit.

  6. October 7th eh? YES :’D I was afraid it would take longer. I need to go preorder and save some money instead of wasting it on happy meals to get the Pokemon toys xDD

  7. Corless is such a stupid name. I can’t.

    Everything else is fine though, especially PokeStar Studios. I like it.

    1. I thought it was stupid at first, too. But then I learned that it’s a fairly common English surname, and now I think of him as having a thick English accent and suddenly it fits really well 😛

      1. Well that changes everything, seeing as I’m kinda English.. lived there 6 years ^^ I just want to know the pronunciation, but I saw this as a meaning to it: to be free from care or unconcerned. Suits Akuroma, from what I know anyway and have seen. Don’t know his story, don’t want to haha.

      2. Err…
        I’ve never met anyone with the name “Corless”. If you’re thinking of the “cor blimey” stereotype, then shame on you. 🙁
        And it’s a silly name.

      3. Where did you read that Corless is a common English surname? I’ve never seen or heard of it before. I think someone or something is telling a little white lie.

        Achroma with a generic “British” accent would be cool though. I say generic because the accent most people not from England think we have isn’t actually country wide.

        1. I should clarify; I don’t know whether the surname is “common” in England; from your comments, apparently it’s not that common. Maybe it was misinformation that it’s a relatively well-known last name, but now I see Corless with an English accent and it just fits so well that I’m willing to run with it.
          As for the “cor blimey” stereotype, I can safely say that wasn’t what I had in mind 😛 The guy just seems kind of sly and smart, two attributes I associate with a slick English accent, which is why I thought his name actually fit him pretty well. If you’re looking at it as a corruption of the word “colorless,” though, then yeah, I guess it’s a pretty dumb name.

          1. Ah, it’s fine. Also, I should apologise, I came across a little harsh in that last comment. I wasn’t suppose to have done!

            He has so many possible voices based on just his appearance alone. They’ve got quite a strong character on their hands here, just a shame about the name 😉

          2. I’m sorry, I was a little harsh too. Just annoyed they changed his name. Corless maybe fits an old-fashioned professor, but Achroma fits his futuristic theme if you ask me.
            And I actually think that sort of accent might fit some guy who is educated but you’re not really sure where he’s from (ie he removed his real accent), so it sorta works.

  8. Yay October 7th! A day after my birthday, sounds like this guy is getting the perfect birthday present ever!!

  9. Achroma’s name being Corless is interesting. I know it’s supposed to be like colorless, but technically the name Corless means benevolent. It’s actually kind of funny when you think about it.

  10. Right back to being late for Europe again, sigh.
    Also, Marlon?
    And Corless, what is that??? Achroma was a perfectly good name!

  11. Professor Corless – I like the name. It’s a bit odd, but it’s unique nonetheless.

    Marlon – Eh, I would’ve preferred Marko or even Seamus, but I’ll get over it.

    And the rival’s name is Hugh, no surprise given that his Japanese name is Hue. I tried making up a different name for him, but it was either Hugh or Huey – and Huey didn’t really sound that cool.

    Aww, Pokestar Studios? I liked PokeWood. Was the US worried its gaming audience wouldn’t get that pun? *sigh*

  12. “Dream World locations will change based on the type of the Pokémon you tucked in”

    What do you mean by this?

    Do the Islands change?

    1. No.

      If you tuck in a Grass-type, you go to Forest almost every time.
      Ghost gets Spooky Manor.
      Water gets Sea
      Flying gets Sky
      Rock gets Rugged Mountain
      Ice get Cool Hole

      It’s not every time, but it’s looking like 5/6 times-ish.

      1. Did that change already get added? I have an Ice type tucked in right now and have not gone anywhere other than the forest. I was afraid that the Dream World reset my points which would have royally pissed me off.

        1. There has been testing done on Smogon and it does work, though you can still be unlucky. If you tuck in an ice type, it should send you to Cool Hole more often.
          It only worked after the update on the 23rd though.

          1. Ya tucked in a water type and Spooky Manor twice, Forest three times, and Sky four times. Only like four of the times I entered did I get Pokemon, I just sped through cause I didn’t like anything that popped up.

        2. Did you add a new game? ie you added Black to an account which was using White?
          Because each game has separate points totals.

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