Dae asks: Medals

Finally, a new Dae asks. It’s been more than three weeks, but don’t fear, I wasn’t dead. Now that I have more free time at my hands, I will pump up the schedule of Dae asks and hopefully start my new series, beginning next month.

Today we’re keeping in line with the release of Black & White 2. In the games there’s an achievement like system called medals. While the full lists has not been revealed (not that I know of), this is not about the best medal in the game. It’s about what you would put in the game as an achievement. So give me your best shot at what you think would be fun to do.

We’re trying to think of a plan to do original coverage of BW2. If you have anything you want to see that’s not anywhere else, you can message us, or email the suggestion using the contact form on the site. We’re in the middle of compiling new pages to be added to the site very soon, so keep checking back here. Meanwhile, you can comment below with your medals.