Detective Pikachu TCG Opening Extravaganza + Giveaway

We really loved the Detective Pikachu film and recently we were also lucky enough to be sent some of the accompanying TCG packs to open as well! Today we’ll be looking at the Detective Pikachu Case File, Mewtwo-GX Case File, Charizard-GX Case File and Greninja-GX Case File (links go to Amazon so you can see … Read more

Detective Pikachu Sequel in Development is reporting that Legendary, the studio behind Detective Pikachu, is already planning a sequel for the hit film. It is currently in the early development stages and would come before other films in the Pokémon cinematic universe. UPDATE: I’m removing the rumor tag, because it seems like this news is pretty well documented—sorry I … Read more

Detective Pikachu Discussion

As this is a free discussion about the movie the comment section WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. Proceed at your own risk! Detective Pikachu is now almost fully released across the globe and many of our readers are flocking to theatres to catch the fluffy, yellow detective’s first foray into the Hollywood scene. Many have you have … Read more

Detective Pikachu Comes to Pokémon GO

Detective Pikachu will be hitting theaters on May 10, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little sleuthing on your own. The latest event in Pokémon GO will give you a chance to catch a cute little Detective of your own! Check out the details from the official site: Get your detective hats ready … Read more

Go. Watch. Detective Pikachu.

Detective Pikachu opened today here in Japan and I was lucky enough to get tickets on its opening day. The theatre I visited was packed with people—like me—eager to watch our fluffy yellow friend in his life action debut. I went into to the theatre with few expectations for Detective Pikachu. I knew Pikachu looked … Read more

‘Detective Pikachu’ Film Releases to Mixed Reviews

The Detective Pikachu movie is finally out in Japan and will soon be released worldwide on May 10. Although Pokémon fans have seemingly been impressed by the film, movie critics haven’t been quite so enamored. In his review for the AP, Mark Kennedy writes, “Call this one Pokémon Don’t Go.” Other critics panned the film … Read more