Detective Pikachu Sequel in Development is reporting that Legendary, the studio behind Detective Pikachu, is already planning a sequel for the hit film. It is currently in the early development stages and would come before other films in the Pokémon cinematic universe.

UPDATE: I’m removing the rumor tag, because it seems like this news is pretty well documented—sorry I was so late to the party!

With a largely positive response to the film from fans, I’m sure this will be welcome news to many of our readers! Hopefully they’ll add even more Pokémon appearances in a sequel—one of the highlights of the film was seeing a favorite species make a cameo, even if it was only in the background.

Let us know what you would like to see from a Detective Pikachu sequel in the comments, but also be aware that there may be spoilers there if you haven’t seen the film. You can also join the real-time discussion in our Discord server!

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