Detective Pikachu Discussion

As this is a free discussion about the movie the comment section WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. Proceed at your own risk!

Detective Pikachu is now almost fully released across the globe and many of our readers are flocking to theatres to catch the fluffy, yellow detective’s first foray into the Hollywood scene. Many have you have already started taking to the comments section of our site to discuss the movie too and now we’re more than happy to provide you with a safe haven to discuss the movie as you please.

We want everyone to enjoy the movie and to have a chance to talk about it with other fans as soon as they leave the movie screen and you can do that right here. Something you absolutely loved about the movie? Tell us! Maybe there’s something you didn’t quite like? We’ll accept that too! Anything you want to discuss or know about the movie, we’ll take it.

We’d really love to know what you thought about the movie and can’t wait to read your comments. For those who didn’t catch you can read our thoughts on the movie here and feel free to take part in an open discussion over on our Discord server.

As a final reminder the comment section WILL CONTAIN OPEN SPOILERS.