Pokémon Sword & Shield News Coming Soon?

With no new Pokémon Sword & Shield information since it was revealed, fans are understandably ready to hear more about the two Nintendo Switch titles. While we have some exciting sleuthing to talk about today, we’d like to first remind everyone that we recommend keeping expectations reasonable and not to treat this speculation as fact.

Pokémon Sword & Shield cave

We worked with one of our Discord moderators, Chaos_1x, to look for clues from past Pokémon generations to see if we could predict a likely date for an information reveal this month.

That reveal might just come on May 14.

It might seem like an arbitrary date, but if Generation VIII follows a similar schedule as VI and VII, it seems likely. Pokémon X & Y got their second trailer on May 14 and Sun & Moon’s debuted on May 10. The correlating factor is that the dates happen to be the second Tuesday of May. In 2019, the second Tuesday will again fall on May 14.

Pokémon Sword & Shield building

We will be eagerly waiting to see if Pokémon Sword & Shield will get more information revealed this week! We certainly hope so. Don’t forget that we already speculated on what may be revealed!

Leave us a comment whether you think this is a COINCIDENCE or you think this theory may hold weight! We’d also love for you to join the real-time discussion on our Discord server!

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