Detective Pikachu TCG Opening Extravaganza + Giveaway

We really loved the Detective Pikachu film and recently we were also lucky enough to be sent some of the accompanying TCG packs to open as well! Today we’ll be looking at the Detective Pikachu Case File, Mewtwo-GX Case File, Charizard-GX Case File and Greninja-GX Case File (links go to Amazon so you can see more, including high-resolution photos).

We’re gonna open all of them, except one—we’re giving away the Charizard GX Case File to one lucky reader! Check the bottom of the article for details! In the spirit of full disclosure, these were provided to us free of charge, but that has no bearing on my impressions below.

The Giant Cards

One of the main draws of buying a Mewtwo, Charizard or Greninja case file is the special oversize card they come with. I can see them looking great in a frame if you’re a big enough fan of the Pokémon featured on them. They feel as though they’re printed on the same thin card stock that a normal card is, so I really recommend you protect them after opening the package.

My favorite was Mewtwo GX which looks really amazing in the larger size with its details more easily appreciable.

Greninja-GX Case File

Greninja GX is almost as impressive though and the larger case file also includes a metal pin—a real boon for fans of the species.

Pokémon TCG: Detective Pikachu Cards

Detective Pikachu is an interesting TCG set, because the 18 cards it contains only come in 4-card booster packs sold in specific TCG “case file” collections. They all feature CGI Pokémon art from the Detective Pikachu film. Since I opened the Detective Pikachu Case File (2 Detective Pikachu boosters), Mewtwo-GX Case File (4) and Greninja-GX Case File (5) I got a total of 11 booster packs to open which contain 44 cards.

Detective Pikachu booster packs

Just to add a little drama, here’s what I’m hoping to pull from the packs: Mr. Mime, Lickitung and Morelull. I’d also like to see Snubbull or Jigglypuff so I can give one to my partner.

Now to open all these packs…

Detective Pikachu TCG cards

The final result: 14 out of the possible 18 cards! Not all of the cards in the collection, but almost! Charizard, Ludicolo, Mewtwo and Machamp will have to be future collection goals. Luckily I can say that I got every single card I was hoping to!

Bonus TCG Packs

Each case file also comes with at least one bonus Sun & Moon TCG pack and I received two of the Sun & Moon base set, two Crimson Invasion packs and one Burning Shadows pack.

Sadly nothing particularly noteworthy came out of those, but it is a nice bonus to fill out your collection.

Final Impressions

Overall, I enjoyed the case files a lot. I was not planning on purchasing them for myself, but seeing the oversized cards in person really made me appreciate how good they looked. I’d easily recommend these packs to fans of the film. Even the small Detective Pikachu Case File, which had no oversized card, did come with a Detective Pikachu coin and card.

Giveaway: Charizard-GX Case File

It was very tempting to open, but I’ve saved the final Charizard-GX Case File to give to one of our readers!

RULES: Only open to United States residents of the 48 contiguous states (to lower shipping costs, sorry). One entry per person. If you are 16 years of age or younger you need parental permission to enter. A winner will be chosen at random on June 21 and has three days to respond via email. Please watch your spam folder, just in case.


Now, let me know in the comments what YOU thought of the case files and my pulls from them! Out of the three giant cards, which is your favorite? Don’t forget to hop into our Discord server to continue the discussion as well!

Thanks for reading

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