Keldeo and Kyurem the Stars of Movie 15?

You guys probably know I’m not a huge Pokémon anime fan, but Serebii recently posted a picture of movie 15 advertising and the mystery Pokémon in that set is clearly Keldeo. That means that us gamers will be getting a download for the mysterious ‘mon soon! Excited?! Personally though… I’ve never been a Keldeo fan … Read more

11/24 Anime Preview

httpv:// Been awhile since we’ve posted one of these, sorry!  Looks like Iris is going to have fun with a Deino… and possibly catch it?!  Post in the comments whether or not you think the dragon trainer will add a new one to her collection! <3 pokejungle  

10/6 Anime Preview

httpv:// The title is “Ash and Cilan VS Subway Masters!”.  Looks like an exciting episode, no? <3 pokejungle

Anime Preview

httpv:// I’m going to start posting the weekly previews for the next Japanese episode 🙂  Looks like Roggenrola finally gets its time to shine! <3 pokejungle

Synopsis: [BW18] Yaguruma Forest! Sewaddle and Arti!!

Starting THIS WEEK I will be offering up text summaries of Best Wishes episodes.  Partly because there hasn’t been a lot of news, partly because I need to practice my Japanese.  A few images will be added later from our darling affiliate Shell Spider.  Our Facebook fans seemed to think that this new feature would … Read more

Ash got a Zuruggu?!

Spoilers? httpv:// <3 pokejungle ps- Apparently Dento or Iris gets Emonga :3