Keldeo and Kyurem the Stars of Movie 15?


You guys probably know I’m not a huge Pokémon anime fan, but Serebii recently posted a picture of movie 15 advertising and the mystery Pokémon in that set is clearly Keldeo. That means that us gamers will be getting a download for the mysterious ‘mon soon! Excited?!

Personally though… I’ve never been a Keldeo fan and this is probably the big Festa announcement. Sigh… BTW- New poll about Keldeo!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Girantina’s movie debuted the same year as Platinum in Japan. Gray coming September 2012?!

pps- It doesn’t get its own post, but Zoroark c-gear skin password for Japanese games is ふぁみつうかっぷ 🙂

  1. im not a huge fan of this thing thats been happening over these past two gens. overloading the pokemon movies with legendaires, only to find out that there is that one ‘new’ pokemon in the movie. i mean these are supposed to be rare creatures, yet they keep showing up in the same place together? i mean it makes sense for keldeo and the trio to be around eachother, but why kyurem there?

    it goes to that annoying fact that the pokemon show, and movies are more about advertising for the games, which part of me doesnt mind, but the fact that an actual decent storyline becomes a moot point for the sake of advertising (im looking at you ash ketchum and pikachu, both of you must be holding an everstone and thats why yall wont evolve!!) it just frustrates me. i know there is a great story to be had involving pokemon we just never see it cause that would slow down the bog down the advertising process.

    on to the topic of keldeo, i think id be more interested in this movie, if we somehow get to see its origin. the real question is if its actually keldeo, or some sort of alternate form for it ala shaymin’s sky form.

  2. I find it annoying that the entire franchise still assumes that we don’t know about unreleased legendaries. The only ones who don’t know about them, have probably ever been to a single Pokemon-related website. Those would probably be young children, who I’m sure would’nt care if the Pokes were revealed straightaway or not.
    Most frustrating are that they make ‘big announcements’ of it. Unless its a new forme, or a completely ne Pokemon, there shouldn’t be too much hype.
    Onto the movie itself, I just find it weird how they’re putting Kyurem AND the musketeers in it. Focus on just one, for Arceus’ sake! Otherwise you just end up creating enemities between every legendary pokemon!

    1. We have to remember, the main games may have a deep strategic core that older fans can appreciate, but Pokemon is still (and will continue to be) aimed at children. They’re the ones who get excited about these new pokemon 🙂

  3. hmmm…the great mystery to be solved… why the 4 musketeers star with a big ice chicken-dinousaur?
    could it involve Ky making people scared or being taken over by an evil force (plasma finally?) and then the trio with the inexperienced sidekick (who it turns out saves the day with it’s signature move when sacred sword sword fails) defeat the bad guys and release Ky from the evil people & the village is saved (lacunosa)
    they might link the trio with ash, iris n cilan or ash might be keldeo in human form-reckless, stubborn, faith in the cards (whoops, wrong show)
    cant wait for the big announcment at the Jump Fiesta thimgy now(!) (but don’t get me wrong, i do like new Pokes to add to my collection… 3 left… stupid unreleased pokies)

  4. musketers and kyurem …hummm

    “the knights(musketer trio+keldeo) must defend the kingdom (possible England, poke movie writers were there in august(?)) from the raging dragon(kyurem)”

    1. The only problem with that is that the Muskedeer’s mythology revolves around them defending Pokémon FROM humans, not the other way around. :/

  5. Are we going to get remake before third game?

    I’m yearning for any potential game rumour or news…

    1. It will most likely be the third unova game then r/s remakes then a new generation. Also inbetween the gap of the remakes and the new gen, there could be a new ranger, PMD or maybe Battle Rev 3DS

  6. Hmm Keledo and Kyurem? I wonder how they will correspond (I hope this is the right word I wanted to use) with each other. Though I’ll wait for more news on this in time before I even attempt to speculate haha.

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