Keldeo and Kyurem the Stars of Movie 15?


You guys probably know I’m not a huge Pokémon anime fan, but Serebii recently posted a picture of movie 15 advertising and the mystery Pokémon in that set is clearly Keldeo. That means that us gamers will be getting a download for the mysterious ‘mon soon! Excited?!

Personally though… I’ve never been a Keldeo fan and this is probably the big Festa announcement. Sigh… BTW- New poll about Keldeo!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Girantina’s movie debuted the same year as Platinum in Japan. Gray coming September 2012?!

pps- It doesn’t get its own post, but Zoroark c-gear skin password for Japanese games is ふぁみつうかっぷ 🙂