Ash got a Zuruggu?!



<3 pokejungle

ps- Apparently Dento or Iris gets Emonga :3

  1. well even though it hatched from ash’s hat i really think that iris will actually be the one to get zuruugu and ash will get the megurocco with the glasses that is following him as seen in the yabukuron episode.. and artwork for ep 20 does suggest this happening too but i could be wrong..

  2. I just looked at the vid of Ash’s Scraggy, then at Bulbapedia’s sprites for Scraggy. Ash’s new Scraggy is shiny!

      1. Check out Bulbapedia’s Scraggy article (due to the still-unofficial nature of the English names, I highly doubt they’re gonna move them yet, so it should still be at Zuruggu). Look at the image of Scraggy in the anime, then at the shiny sprite near the bottom of the page.

        Oh good lord, I hope this isn’t the Toxicroak incident all over again.

          1. You haven’t seen the list of English names, have you? The one PokeJungle posted, then removed without giving a reason essentially meaning they’re real because if they were fake he could have just said that. The one that gives Zuruggu’s English name as Scraggy. That list.

      1. Movie merchandise features an Emonga watch, in the place where one might expect Axew based on the order of other merchandise.

        1. The Emonga can just as easily belong to a movie character or a wild pokemon that interacts with Pikachu/Axew.

          Not all pokemon featured in the movies necessarily belong to main characters. Look at Mightyena and Tangrowth from M13, the Spiky-Eared Pichu from M12, and Lickilicky from M10.

  3. Iris get the zuruguu it is almost sure, even if it is in ash’s egg.

    Ash will get a Kurumiru in episode 18 though

    1. How can you be so sure Iris is getting the Scraggy, just because Ash is getting a Sewaddle? Ever think Ash might start rotating his team? It can happen, you know.

        1. Scraggy was standing near her, with the rest of the group close by. Even that sketch where Scraggy was supposedly in Iris’s hair turned out to be Scraggy standing behind Iris.

    1. That’s Emolga

      And I just tried to post the complete list of English names as a comment on the relevant post, but for some strange reason, my post is “awaiting moderation”. What the heck?

    1. They were English. The Pokedex classifications were Italian. Italy uses the English names.

    (sorry for Caps Lock….)

      1. Just because they were removed doesn’t make them real

        AT ALL
        Let’s wait until they are confirmed

        Because you are confusing everyone!

        1. But if PJ removed them because they were fake, don’t you think he might have said something? You know, to stop exactly what you want me to stop doing? And so, until anyone says otherwise…

          You say Emonga, I say Emolga.

          1. Please stop using those names, it confuse everyone! Especielly for the people who hasn’t seen the list… :b

  5. I knew the egg was Zuruguu! and people said it was Sandile….:/ It would have made more sense if Ash hadn’t already come across a bunch of Sandile and had the oppurtunity to add one to his team….but didn’t.

    I don’t mind who get’s Zuruggu really…although I’d prefer Ash to get it.

    1. That’s just a guess some user made based on the sketches of Scraggy being shown near Iris.

      1. Can we please stop calling it Scraggy? I didn’t see the list of names, but even if they’re real, I’d like to be in denial as long as I can that one of my favorite pokemon is called “Scraggy”. D:

        1. I agree with Michael, Missingno. anyone could have made up these names just because the already revealed English names are around in that list doesn’t prove that its not a fake! I mean why would TPCi pick Pignite and Emboar as the English names for Chaobuu and Enbuoh, those are fan names and they always will be ((yes I know Snivy is also but its a good name for it (DON’T DISS THE SNIVY!!!) but not really as good as Oshawott)) so obviously we cannot know if these are real or not until they are confirmed by Nintendo with the real ones when they’re revealed! So stop calling them by what their “supposedly” called because everyone that reads your comments is just getting confused, also PJ could’ve took down the list because he wasn’t for sure if they were real or not and he didn’t want his followers getting all used to those names because he’s smart enough to know not to post something unless its confirmed and he won’t have it any other way!!!

          1. Well no one thought pokeexperto was right and he was. I like these names and I believe they’re real. But really he cann call them what he wants you guys called snivy smugleaf so he can call them whatever he wants.

  6. i actually knew this was coming, either a Zuruggu or a Yooterri because Zuruggu is just as stubborn as ash and Yooterri has that fighting spirit just like our 10( he must be like 16-17 by now) year old hero 😀

  7. The list is completely fake, if it was real pokejungle would have happily left it up. However whoever made the names made a few mistakes doing things like using different names in Italian than the official translations.

      1. can you post a link to that name list,please,if you are so sure that those names are not fake

  8. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    By the egg pattern I looked at the other pokemon and I was able to tell it was Zuruggu. Only other pokemon that matched were meguroko (randomly pops up, he’s the new Jigglypuff!!!! XD) and ishizumai (which Dento has), but they were previously shown and that would suck if Ash didn’t get a pokemon that was never shown.

      1. those names for the pokemon that appeared today where the same as those from missigno’s list?

          1. can you give the list or a link to that list,please, if you can send me an e-mail with it ,because i think u can see my e-mail address in the comment section

  9. Ash gets a Zuruggu?

    Wait, I thought the anime sucked?! Ash gets pants lizard and Iris gets Doryuzu-how the heck?

  10. I REALLY hope Ash gets that Zuruggu and not Iris… Gah, I REALLY don’t like the idea of that girl getting the most amazing pokemon EVER…. Ash will treat it better than her, cuz he’s got a lot of gym badges, lol.

  11. can someone give me a link of the sketches of future episodes ???
    i want to see Zugguru/Scraggy/Mr. Big Pants or what do you want to call it..

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