A Few Official US Names

Here are some that are officially revealed by IGN:

  • Cofagrigus (Desukan) the Coffin Pokemon and its ability is translated as Mummy
  • Drilbur (Moguryuu) the Mole Pokemon and its abilities Sand Rush or Sand Force
  • Axew [a-zoo] (Kibago) the Tusk Pokemon with the attack Dual Chop
  • Woobat (Koromori) the Bat Pokemon and its signature move Heart Stamp
  • Patrat (Minezumi) the Scout Pokemon with the new attack After You
  • Gothitelle (Gochiruzeru) the Astral Body Pokemon
  • Reuniclus (Rankurusu) the Multiplying Pokemon with the new ability Overcoat
  • Braviary (Wargle) the Valiant Pokemon with the new attack Sky Drop
  • Musharna (Musharna) the Drowsing Pokemon who emits Dream Mist (changed from dream smoke)
  • Fennel (Mokomo) is Professor Juniper’s assistant

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