Pokéology: Manaphy

Hey guys! Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? Always seems like I have to write another article for you crazy people! Haha. I love being able to write for Pokéjungle though, so it’s completely voluntary– trust me! First legendary isn’t nearly what most people would expect, but someone suggested it! This guy never caught me … Read more

Pokéology: Sableye

Hey guys! Long weekend– got sick and had plenty of projects to work on. On the plus side, I did have off for three days, which led into a two-hour delay. So I had plenty of time with that. Hopefully you all have had a great weekend though! Anyhow, here’s Sableye. I think it’s one … Read more

Pokéology: Wooper & Quagsire

I’ve had a good week other than that though; hopefully, you can say the same! Beautiful weather and great chances for photography. Here’s these two though. Aren’t they cute? Little spaced out looking amphibians. They were always one of my favorite Pokémon to find though– fun concept! I’m sure you guys have some idea what … Read more

Pokéology: Alomomola

Hey guys, another late night for me! Haha. 10th article! How about that? Time sure flew by– roughly 70 days, well, around that. I don’t feel like doing anymore math today. xD Oh by the way, random fact: you guys loved the Dunsparce article, it had 40 comments! So here’s Alomomola, what many would call … Read more

Pokéology: Ditto

Hey guys! I’m glad to see you guys still enjoy the article. I’ve gotten some messages about possibly being helped out with it, but I should be fine– I very much love that people would want to help, but sadly I must keep myself a routine and push myself to achieve things! See, random fact– … Read more

Pokéology: Nincada, Ninjask, & Shedinja

Hey guys, this article was written last minute! I totally got bogged down in homework, in fact, I’m actually taking a break from it to write this, haha. So I didn’t take much thought into what Pokémon I chose, but I think you will all enjoy my thoughts– this is an animal I have a … Read more