Pokéology: Ditto

Hey guys! I’m glad to see you guys still enjoy the article. I’ve gotten some messages about possibly being helped out with it, but I should be fine– I very much love that people would want to help, but sadly I must keep myself a routine and push myself to achieve things!

See, random fact– I’m aiming to be a fighter pilot in the future. Funny right? But hey, it’s a job where you have to get things done in perfect time, so might as well start small.

I go through a rather large process of figuring out which Pokémon I’m going to do, and honestly I get to what looks to be a good one and then I get stumped. Kinda like Venonat– it seems to be a gnome or an egg of some sort, but it makes no sense at all.

Either way, today we’re focusing on Ditto. Well, you could say we’re focusing on any Pokémon you want, but that’d take a lot of uses of transform.



Well, this is kinda awkward.


It’s a face you all know, the iconic smiley face. It’s a colon, and then a parenthesis. Pretty straight forward, but this was actually confirmed by Masuda and Sugimori themselves in a magazine– they saw the iconic yellow smiley face and made it into a Pokémon. So that would make my job easier, if it wasn’t for the fact Ditto isn’t just a hovering smiley face.

See, anyone who has played an RPG game knows it isn’t complete until it has a slime monster, or  some form of gelatinous blob. Ditto clearly helped fill this role for the Pokémon series, and it makes sense. It’d be difficult to find me a single fantasy RPG that does not have some slime monster in it.

To be fair, Ditto’s pink, so there is more to that– well, in my opinion.

Okay, this one is kinda a conspiracy theory, and doesn’t have much to back it up, but here’s an idea.

I’ve always been under the assumption that Mew and Ditto are the same in some form– let’s say all Dittos are simply Mews in hiding? That’d be kinda crazy, sure. But how about the direct offspring of Mew?

I guess I need to really explain why I think this.

Now, Ditto and Mew are the same weight, have the same color(for the most part, I get that ditto is purple), the same shiny color, the only two Pokémon to learn transform, the same stats in Performance for the Pokeathlon… Plus, there is said to be more than one Mew, and that they were once only thought to be rare for their ability to hide.

Maybe, just maybe, all those Mews could hide extremely well– they did a great job turning into dittos, which promptly could not reform back into their old shape; maybe due to memory loss?

I think this is a logical theory, but still kinda one of those ‘believe-it-or-hate-it’ things.

Finally, here’s a picture of an Amoeba.

Watching these things under a microscope, many things became apparent to me– one, that they look a lot like a flat ditto, and two, that they have little arms all over the place.

The blob shape, concept of transforming, it makes sense that they would make Ditto some form of an amoeba. Amoeba could really look like any cell they wanted if they were intelligent enough to shape themselves specifically.

I just offended a family of amoebas somewhere.




I don’t think any of us has ever seen such a happy looking fella. He just has an eye to eye smile, and clearly loves being a Ditto.

I’d ditto that– who wouldn’t love being a Ditto?

They have no defined shape, and the only apparent organ are their two eyes and a mouth, the characteristic smile of a ditto.

The form they take most commonly is a simple, transparent blob with their characteristic smile, they tend to also have two semi-defined arms, and two bumps on their head.

It seems that they do not need to be a single form, and can remove  parts of the blob if need be. Basically, any predator that comes at it would just get a face full of blob, and the Ditto would be scurrying off in their predator’s form.

Ditto can take the shape, density, texture, and color of another Pokémon, and very quickly put it to use. That means that Ditto has a brain much more powerful than any other biological creature, as the processing it would take to do this would beat out cuttlefish by decades. For example, Cuttlefish take a couple seconds to simply process color and texture, imagine how much time it’d take a Cuttlefish to shape, texture, color, and stretch themselves to be all the perfect variables! Many minutes at the least. Kinda like the computing needed to teleport someone– you would need to reconstruct the entity perfectly. The kicker is, Ditto has only its observations of the Pokémon to seeming copy it. That’s an achievement, especially when Ditto does it all instantly!.

However, Ditto has no obvious brain, so one must assume every cell is highly unspecialized, and can form into any type of cell needed at that moment before being replaced by new, unspecialized cells. This would be a very large accomplishment for a biological entity.

However, it could always just be a blobby Mew.


So there you go! What’s your opinion? Is it a Mew that has no form? Or is it just a creepy blob? Or even a cute blob?

Love every single comment, so don’t be afraid to reply! I’ll try to get back to you.